Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ready to Get Serious About Magic? Start Here...

For those who have dabbled in magic and are truly serious about getting on the magical path, Basic Magic I is the place to start. This online beginner magic course will teach you the foundations of a solid magical practice. You will learn the basic techniques necessary to work with the four magical elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It is said that if you can understand the four magical elements, you can understand anything in the Universe... Ready to give it a try? Then get started with the Level I basic Magic Course. Not sure yet? Here's a look at the four elements to get you going.

By having an understanding of and a working knowledge of the four elements, not only can you understand anything in the Universe, you can also create anything you desire. Four element magic is at the heart of everything in the Universe including magical powers and abilities. For example, clairvoyance and telepathy can be developed by working with the Water element since Water is the language of Spirit and lets you access information and emotions at a Spiritual level. Telekinesis is the ability to channel your Fire energy. Our classes teach students to practice this skill by throwing firebolts at a candle flame. When they are able to make the flame "jump" by pointing a finger at it then they have begun to develop this magical skill.

Understanding the four elements goes deeper than just developing magical abilities. They help in just about every aspect of life. For ourselves, they can help us follow our birth visions, listen to our Spirit guidance and live more creative and peaceful lives. In our everyday life, understanding of the four elements helps us to know ourselves better according to our elemental makeup and see what types of careers we are well suited for, help us choose compatible relationships and have a better understanding of the lifestyle that will make us happy. We are also able to apply this knowledge to others and provide service in the forms of healing, divination and facilitating communication. Having an understanding of this magical foundation of four element magic and the laws of the Universe allow us to be in accordance with the Universe instead of running into constant resistance with it.

Four element magic is the first step to developing a deep understanding of the driving forces of life and opens the doorway to direct knowledge and spiritual scientism. You can get started on this path for yourself with our online Basic Magic courses and bring some serious magic to your life.

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