Thursday, January 1, 2015

Is Magic Real, for Real?

There's no better way to start a magical New Year than to address this topic! We get asked this question almost daily by people hoping, wishing, and praying that magic is real. And yet, there's that doubt factor, too. So, if you're teetering on the edge about this topic and you're just not sure, check it out.... Magic IS real.

Magic Is Real
Not only is magic real, spellwork works and daily magical rituals can improve your life and help you resolve your daily life problems. Of course, like anything else, you get out of your magic practice what you put into it. This is what we know to be true. BUT you have to find out for yourself what is true for you. We encourage you to read our Magic Is Real article and try out some of the techniques we give on our blog and in our magical articles library. The only way magic will become real for you is when you try it out for yourself and see the results it brings you. Remember though that magic is also a precision science as well as an art so don't be too quick to give up if you don't see immediate results. Really give it a good chance to work for you and be sure to do techniques exactly as described because altered procedures produce altered results.

You Decide
By trying out some magical techniques and skills, you will then have your own experience and observations to make a judgment on if magic is real for you or not. Suspend any disbelief you may have long enough to try out some daily rituals and see if they are helpful and useful for your life. Just to get you started here is a very powerful contact ritual that we start our Basic Magic students using the first day of class and students continue to use it up through levels of advanced magic classes. This ritual, called the Exit Ritual, is part of the Navajo Beauty Way. You do it every time you leave an enclosed space, like your car or your house. This incredible magical ritual helps you connect with higher powers and beings and restores a state of inner peace and harmony in you. Here's how it's done:

The Exit Ritual
1. On leaving your house, place of work, store, car or other enclosed area, stop and put your focus up into the sky and say aloud, "Sky Above" or "Sky Father."

2. Keeping your awareness up above, then also extend your focus into the earth and say aloud, "And Earth Below" or "And Earth Mother."

3. Then, keeping your awareness of both above and below, say aloud, "I Greet You."

4. Just stand still and wait a moment or two and see what happens. Watch for acknowledgement or response in one of these ways:
  • From within you, such as a realization, a change of attitude or belief, a new awareness.
  • Changes in your environment, such as a sudden breeze, a change in the color of the sky, a bird or animal suddenly appearing and maybe being extra large, or a tree or bush suddenly becoming vividly visible.
  • A response from Sky and/or Earth: a special message for you, an answer to a question, or guidance and new directions.
5. What happens may happen at just that moment, or it may happen throughout the day. It may change the quality of your day, your awareness ... whatever you notice.

6. You can also include hand gestures in this ritual. As you focus your attention upwards raise your arms in an upward facing V for "Sky Father" and when you move your attention downward lower your arms into a downward facing V for "Earth Mother."

Practice doing this ritual every day and record any results you notice. At the end of about 3 months, try not doing the ritual for a week or two and see the difference in your life. Life can be so much easier with higher powers and beings helping you out. This ritual helps you establish a connection and relationship with those beings. Once you have the relationship going, you can ask for help in just about anything. Nothing is too small, too unimportant or insignificant if it is of importance to you. Having these types of allies can make life, well.... magical!

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