Thursday, January 2, 2014

Online Magic Tip: Use Water Magic to Protect Your Sacred Space

Here's an online magic tip using water magic that is good to use with someone who does not observe your boundaries or is invading your sacred space emotionally. This could be with physical beings or non-physical entities. Basically this technique involves using your Chalice (magical tool of the Water element) to throw a bolt of Water Blue. Obviously, before using this online magic tip you will need a Chalice. It will also need to be keyed.

Choosing a Chalice
Your magical Chalice should be a goblet shaped cup with a stem and preferably made of either glass or ceramic. Pick a Chalice that is either a Water Blue color or clear and that is either smooth or has a pattern if the pattern is not too deep.

Keying Your Chalice
Since your Chalice is your water magic tool, it will need to be keyed to clear out any impure energy, personalize it to you and align the molecules for the energy to flow in a particular direction. There are more permanent ways to key the Chalice that you will find in our Chalice ebook, but for the purposes of this article, here is a quick key method.
  1. Cup your hands on either side of the bowl part of the chalice
  2. Locate a water blue color source
  3. Begin circling water blue from your output hand through the chalice into your input hand, up your input arm, across your shoulders down your output arm and out your output hand again.
  4. Circulate the color water blue for approximately 3 minutes, then pull your water energy back in. 
  5. This will create a temporarily keyed chalice
Using the Chalice for an Energy Bolt
When using your Chalice to throw a bolt of water magic energy, you hold your Chalice in your output hand (hand you point with) with your thumb and forefinger around the bowl of the Chalice and the rest of your fingers wrapped around the stem of the Chalice. To adjust the strength of the bolt, move your thumb and forefinger up and down the bowl. The bolt is more focused the closer your fingers are to the stem because energy flows from the bottom of the bowl and your fingers act as the energy feed. The farther apart your fingers are, the more scattered the bolt is.

Throwing a Water Blue Bolt
Load up Water Blue from a color source into your Chalice pulling it in through your input hand, across your shoulders, down your output arm and hand and into the Chalice. Hold your arm with the elbow at a 90 degree angle Then see an image of the person that is invading your space in front of you, aim towards that image and use your Chalice to throw an energy bolt by snapping your arm down to a 180 degree angle with the bowl of the Chalice pointing towards either head, throat, solar plexus or heart areas of the image. If you are dealing with a non-physical entity, throw the bolt in its direction and say, "Go away and stay away!"

The next time your sacred or personal space is invaded you now know how to handle it magically using this water magic tip. No stressing about confrontations or having to convince someone to respect your boundaries, just create an energetic mockup of the intruder, and give them a blast of Water Blue energy from your Chalice and they will back right off. To learn more about the magical things your Chalice can do, check out our Chalice ebook.

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