Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Psychic Games as a Way to Develop Psychic Abilities

Psychic games are a fun way to develop psychic abilities. Psychic games can help us develop our Spirit senses to get information. We all have psychic abilities. Some people just have a more natural talent than others. Those without the natural talent need to practice to develop psychic abilities. Psychic games are a perfect way to get the practice tuning out the five body senses and tuning in spirit abilities.

When you start practicing to develop psychic abilities and using psychic games, don't get frustrated with initial results. Learning to ignore the outcome is one of the keys to success. Over time your psychic abilities will get stronger and more accurate. In the beginning don't worry about if your results are "right" or not. Keeping this in mind, here's one of the psychic games we present in our Psychic Development ebook for you to practice with.

The Psychic Perimeter Game
This psychic game starts you on your way to develop psychic abilities by shutting off one of your five senses. In this game you will close your eyes, thus cutting off access to visual data. This allows you to access or "read" the psychic or energetic information around you. Here's how to play the Perimeter Game.
1. At least once a day (and obviously not while doing something such as driving) set up an energetic perimeter around yourself of about 10 – 20 feet preferably in a public place.

2. Here's the part that tells you why you don't want to be doing something like driving during this game – Close your eyes. Close your eyes and in your "mind's eye" see a circle of energy surrounding you.

3. Be aware of anytime someone enters your perimeter area.

4. When you have the sense that someone has entered your area, open your eyes to confirm it.

5. Once you play this psychic game enough that you are getting accurate at sensing someone entering your area, you can increase the diameter of your circle or take another sense out of the equation. For example you might pick a noisy area so that you don't have your sense of hearing.

Have fun and develop your psychic abilities at the same time with psychic games such as the Perimeter Game. Remember that having fun, relaxing and not putting emphasis on initial "results" is all part of the process. Check out the ebook for more psychic games and exercises that will help you claim your birthright to use psychic abilities to access information not available through the five body senses.

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