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The Best Self Defense Magic Against Attack: Use the Attacker's Own Energy

Protection magic can sometimes offer you the best self defense. One technique students' learn in our Magical Self Defense homestudy course is how to use protection magic to turn the tables on an attacker and use the attacker's own violence against him or her. For those who are not inclined to use violence or fighting type techniques themselves, this technique offers a way to protect themselves just by transferring the attacker's own energy back at him or her. Basically you provide yourself with the best self defense magic has to offer by pulling the angry, violent energy emanating from the attacker, storing it in your own body to let it build force and then releasing it back towards the attacker in a single blast of energy. You should be aware before engaging in this type of protection magic that it can hurt the other person and in some cases, according to where you redirect the blast of energy, be lethal. For this reason, you will want to make sure you are within your rights according to the Rules of the Road that govern magical practice to use a technique like this. If someone is physically attacked you and you have not instigated the attack or done anything to cause it then you are certainly within your rights magically to engage in any means necessary to protect yourself.

This magical protection technique in a sense allows you to use your own body as a lightning rod. Here's how it's done.
- When grabbed or attacked instead of showing resistance, just go limp. This is so that you do not waste any of your own force.

- Use your body to pull in the attacker's energy into your own body as quickly as you can. The attacker's energy will probably be fire energy in the red orange and yellow orange bands which correspond to anger, anxiousness, fear, stress, pain and other emotions that the attacker will be more than likely be radiating. It will be obvious and probably strong and since fire energies are radiative, they should be easy to pull in.

-Continue pulling the energy from your attacker as quickly as you can, storing it all up in your body until you feel the attacker begin to relax.

- At this point flow all the energy you have stored up into your output hand (the hand you point with).

- You can add in any red orange or yellow orange fire energy of your own to the stored energy and flow that also into your output hand if you wish.

- If you can now get your fingers from your output hand in a position to tap them on the attacker, pick one of these target areas to use your pointer and middle finger to tap him or her there:
  • On forehead
  • Between the eyes
  • On the throat
  • Over the heart
- As you use your fingers to tap one of these areas flow all the stored energy out your fingers in a smooth, quick flow.

Your results will vary according to the strength of the blast of energy released onto the attacker, the target area you flow it into and the band or bands of fire energy released. In many cases, especially using the over the heart target area, the results can be lethal. It may appear to others as if your attacker has had a heart attack. So again make sure you are within your magical self defense rights and that you are prepared for this type of outcome before you decide to engage in this type of protection magic. Magic can be fun, but in cases of self defense, magic can be serious and save your life. Stay calm, think it through and you'll find yourself prepared and able to give yourself the best self defense that you can.

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