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Online Magic Tip #28: When Action Helps Your Intention, and When It Does Not!

If you watch videos like "The Secret" you may walk away with the idea that you can and should set your intention daily, and then put your head in the sand like an ostrich for the rest of the day. Do that for long enough and, "Poof!" ... the magic happens and all is well!

When Intention Works Alone
This online magic tip is all about whether intention, by itself, works well, and when it doesn't.

So can intention, used alone, actually magically bring about the results you desire? Well, the answer, as you may have guessed, is "It depends!"

The success of your intention really depends on who you are--and how you are. If you are the type who enjoys setting your intention and then "going with the flow," then using intention by itself will probably work well for you. Go with the methods mentioned in "The Secret" and wait to amaze yourself.

On the other hand, if you are more of the type who, as a child, persistently asked, "Are we there yet?" while in the car, then intention alone probably won't work for you... at all! If you are the "go get 'em" type who is more into action than meditation, then read the next section in this online magic tip to see how you can help your intention along without getting in your own way.

When Intention Does Not Work Well Alone
Based on our personal experience (and the volumes of email we get), we suspect that the majority of the world falls into this second camp--the camp of folks whose motto is "I can't wait!"

When it comes to magic, the problem with intention is that having an "I can't wait" attitude tends to interfere with your intention, slowing down the arrival of that which you desire. Bummer.

But here's the good news--and the real nugget of information at the heart of this online magic tip: you can take action steps that will assist rather than interfere with your intention.

Good Action Steps for Impatient People
The key to helpful action steps for impatient people is, wait for it... intention! Yeah, we know, intention is kind of the problem for impatient people. However, intention is also the solution.

If you already know that you are an impatient person, then you can take preparatory intentional steps prior to setting you "main goal intention" that will help you stay calm afterward. What we mean is that you can plan a sequence of action steps to take after you have cast your major intention.

What are these action steps? These steps are magical rituals done on a daily basis that will assist your main intention as well as keep you occupied (so you don't interfere with that main intention). Examples include: (search for these on this blog if not familiar with how to do them)
  • Navajo Beauty Way
  • Sun Candle Blessing
  • Walking Meditation
  • Water Bowl Meditation
  • Rooting
  • Question Circle
  • Talking to Spirit of Owl
  • Hiring Angels
We could literally include hundreds of daily magical rituals in the list, but you get the idea. You can even use a combination of these rituals to ensure that you don't get bored while you are waiting for your intention to manifest. The key is to plan the use of these magical rituals ahead of time. You need to set your intention around these rituals by defining:
  • which rituals you will use
  • how long you will do each ritual
  • in which order you will do the rituals (if you are using more than one)
  • when you will use the ritual(s) during the day
  • whether you will use the ritual(s) more than once daily (if needed) and under which circumstances (i.e., you might choose to hire an angel to help you stay calm when you start to feel impatient)
  • when you will stop doing the ritual(s) and check the progress of your manifestation (a question circle would prove useful for checking progress)
If you plan to use these types of rituals for 21, 40, or your own chosen number of days, you will find yourself much less twitchy and apt to get in the way of your main intention. In fact, you may find that you enjoy the daily rituals so much that you often forget to think of your main intention, which is just fine because the Universe doesn't need your help to deliver the goods. The Universe mainly needs you to stay out of the way and "sound a joyous note to Creator's ear." That joyous note is exactly the main goal of these daily magical rituals.

Get it? Got it? Good!

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