Thursday, July 4, 2019

Can You do Magic in a Roadside Cafe? Of Course!

You can pretty much perform magic anywhere that you are comfortable doing it. I have found that sometimes it is a great way to kill time when traveling and stuck somewhere due to delays of one kind or another. Have you ever found yourself stuck in a roadside café due to road closures? Me too. Instead of getting upset at the delay, I try to see it as an opportunity for some time to engage in magic communications I've been too busy to get to. And no I don't have to dig all my magical tools out of the car and set up an altar. All I have to do is grab a corner booth and a cup of coffee.

Using the Chalice to Communicate
The chalice is the magical tool for the element Water. Water is the element of emotions and thus the language of Spirit. The chalice is therefore the magical tool that is perfect for Spirit to Spirit communication. Let's say you are on your way home from a business trip, stop off in this café because the road ahead is closed temporarily and know you are going back to work in a day or two with a boss that you are having problems with. This is a great time to get a cup of coffee and turn it into a magic chalice for communicating on a Spirit level with your boss.

Quick Keying the Chalice
First you need to key your cup to align the energies and personalize it to yourself. There is a more permanent way to key your own personal Chalice that you normally use for magical procedures and you'll find the directions for how to do that in our Chalice: Water Tool ebook. But for now you can just use this quick key method on your coffee cup. Here's how:
1. Find a color source that is Water Blue in color.

2. Hold your hands around both sides of the cup and drawing from the color source start circling Water Blue energy from your output hand, through the cup, into your input hand, up your input arm, across your shoulders, down your output arm and out your output hand again.

3. Keep circling the Water Blue energy in this way for about 3 minutes.

4. Pull the Water energy back into your body.

Your cup is now temporarily keyed and ready to use as a magic Chalice. Let's move on now to how to do the Spirit to Spirit communication.

Communicating With the Chalice
The chalice can be used to send psychic messages or as a means of having a two-way conversation with someone on a Spirit level. Be aware that Water messages can be compulsive so be careful what types of messages you send as you want to stay on the right side of Rules of the Road to avoid karmic backlash. Here's how to use the chalice for communicating:
1. Fill the chalice with a dark flat liquid, in this case coffee, leaving ½ to ¾ inches headspace at the top of the cup.

2. Sit in the South facing North.

3. Place your cup in front of you and block out all distractions.

4. Move the cup so that you are looking at the liquid's surface at a 45 degree angle.

5. Visualize the face of the person you want to communicate with just under the surface of the coffee to establish a direct psycho-spiritual link with them.

6. Start talking to them just as you would as if they were physically present. Make sure your attention is focused on that person, your message and any responses that come and not on any other thoughts or anything that distracts your attention. Become very emotionally interested and curious about the communication as that can help carry the message across more strongly.

7. If you notice the surface of the coffee becomes steamy or cloudy or you start to get a headache or achy eyes, you are pushing too hard. Relax, breathe and try to continue talking to the person just like you would in person. Some people find closing their eyes works better for them.

If you are just sending a message to your boss's spirit then you are done. If you are having a true conversation, then you'll need to wait for a response. Since this is a communication from Spirit, the answer may be in a different form than the person would usually give from their everyday personality. Be aware of what messages you hear in your head or that come to you from your surroundings. You may also need to do this communication more than once to increase its effectiveness.

Anytime is magic time. Look for opportunities to practice your magical skills instead of sitting around getting angry over what you perceive as wasted time. You can learn more about using the magic element of Water in our Magical Element Water homestudy course and then get the Chalice ebook to learn all sorts of magical things you can do with the Water tool.

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