Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Magic 2013: Magic 2012 is Over... What Now?

In the past year we have discussed a great deal about magic 2012--in other words, the transition into the Age of Aquarius, the renewal of the Mayan calendar, the interval represented by the year 2012.

You have probably noticed that 2012 is over... so what now? Simple, we move on to magic 2013. Magic 2013 is all about a different kind of magic, and very different from magic 2012. Before we dive in, though, let's take a quick look at the past year.

Magic 2012: A Recap
Magic 2012 is probably best described, in magical terms, as an interval. For those of you who are familiar with music or the piano keyboard, an interval is very much like the half-step between two white keys. For those not familiar with the piano keyboard, don't worry. We will explain.

Magically, an interval is a pause in the octave of time. Within this pause, much happens magically. First, it is a time of massive change (and the chaos that can often accompany such a large change). In the Tarot, this is represented by the Tower card. In terms of world change, 2012 represented the first world change in which the planet itself did not bear the effects of the change. In previous world changes, the planet suffered from Wind, Fire, Water and other massive elemental pressures. Entire species were wiped out during such changes, and poles often shifted, with North and South poles changing places. You can imagine the chaos.

The year 2012 was the first world change in which humans were the ones to bear the effects of the world change that is the inevitable result of one age ending and another beginning. Humans elected, a long time ago, to shoulder the burden as a race. In effect, we humans agreed to become a Universal "experiment" to see whether we could use this world change to evolve as a species and avoid being wiped out (as were so many species in past world changes).

Many beings from other planetary systems in the Universe were curious about the results of this experiment and came to bear witness. Some have been walking among us for a few years or a few decades. Others chose not to incarnate and are simply watching from afar.

Magic 2012: What About You?
So that is the historical perspective of magic 2012. But what about you personally? How did you handle the magic of 2012, and how did you use it?

On a personal level, magic 2012 was about seeing, exploring, and moving through our blind spots. The interval presented the perfect opportunity to make big changes in our lives. The process would have been chaotic, fraught with high emotions, and more than a little scary. But if you DID choose to make major life changes in 2012, you will find 2013 to be a major breeze!

The funny aspect of making changes in 2012 is that while it would have had major benefits for you in the coming years (2013 included), it probably looked to outsiders that you were having the worst year ever. The people we witnessed making the biggest changes and advances in their Spirit paths suffered calamities on all levels: physical, financial, emotional, and mental.

But--and this is huge--these same people also found that the calamities caused them to ask for help from all kinds of sources. The result? These people were literally buried by an avalanche of help. Angels, Spirit guides, helpful people from unexpected quarters, totems, and even some of those observers from other planetary systems all stepped up and gave help, assistance, guidance, information, clarity, and so much more. The affected people were surprised, overwhelmed, grateful, and amazed. And they built some very crucial relationships with allies on many levels.

If you were one of the people who elected to make major life changes in 2012, then you know exactly what we mean. Now, let's move on to magic 2013.

Magic 2013... What Now?
So 2013 is definitely upon us and moving at the speed of light. In case you have not noticed, time has sped up since the change in 2012. Everything is faster in this new age. You ask, and the Universe delivers--right now! So be careful how you think and for what you ask. Karma is also the other factor that has sped up. Remember that Beatles' song about "Instant Karma"? We are now living in the age of instant karma. So do try to keep your side of the street clean! You will definitely know if you have failed to do so!

What is happening to those who made major changes in 2012? We said above that life is a breeze for those people... and it is, compared to the rest of the world, that is. Those efforts made at life changes will definitely bring major benefits. However, life will continue to be inconvenient and "stuff" will still happen. The difference is that there is plenty of Universal help and support out there--you just have to ask. In addition, any magic done in 2013 will be greatly amplified and powerful. If life presents you with situations that seems crazy and impossible, look to allies and magic this year as powerful forms of recourse and adjustment.

What is happening to those who chose NOT to take advantage of the 2012 interval? It varies. For those who just want to live mechanical life as always, nothing much will change. Life may get a little more inconvenient, but since they are not really participating in the great experiment of humanity, nothing much changes for them. For those who are conscious and cultivating, change is still possible in 2013... it will just be more difficult and more painful. Part of the reason is that time has sped up in 2013, so the Universe is less forgiving, in a way, of errors in judgment. In actuality, it just means that karma comes around faster than before (not that the Universe is punishing anyone!).

If you have chosen to be spiritually conscious and find yourself coming up against some major barriers in your life, should you still attempt to make major changes in yourself and your life in 2013? Absolutely. Time is only going to keep speeding up and karma is going to keep coming around faster and faster. As inconvenient and painful as changing in 2013 may be (as compared to 2012) the benefits will still be useful.

Our advice? Ask for Universal help (angels, totems, Spirit guides) as much as possible. Look for signs of positive change and guidance everywhere (where you least expect). Do as much magic on a daily basis as possible, since we are moving out of the material world and into a much more energy-based magical world. And when life gets inconvenient and painful, practice acceptance as much as possible, realizing that this is simply the price to pay into change. The results will be definitely worth it -- hundreds of times over!

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