Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is Your Life Falling Apart? Magical Rituals Can Help ...

Do you feel like your life is falling apart? If so, then you may take comfort in the fact that you are not alone ... if, of course, you are of the camp that "Misery loves company!"

But if you are more of a "do it yourself" kind of person, or you would rather not sit around commiserating with others, then take heart in these two facts:

1. It is not surprising that your life is falling apart right
now--this is part of Earth's current planetary cycle.

2. Magical rituals can help you restore balance and order to your

Why is Your Life Falling Apart Now?
Unlike other transitions in Earth's echo-cycles, where the planet
has experienced pole-shifts and species extinction, in this
particular planetary transition there won't be massive
extinctions ... and that's good.

What isn't so good is the fact that humans will be bearing the
brunt of this transition. As a race, we will tend to feel worse
and may watch certain parts of our lives disintegrate before our
eyes. In this planetary transition, the race will not go extinct
but certain parts of our lives and our personalities may die off.

At the same time, our Emotional Centers, the part of us that is
least developed, will begin to awaken and become more sensitive.
This explains why we feel more sensitive, touchy, and affected
than ever before. The parts of our lives that are mechanical,
overly materialistic, or otherwise barriers to the development of
Emotional Center will also fall apart.

That's the "why" ... now for the magical fix!

Magical Rituals That Can Help
Practical daily magical rituals can really support us during this
transition and keep us sane. We list three of our favorites here.

Magical Ritual #1: Command Yourself to be Present
Most of us are aware that being present is one gift that we can
always give ourselves, for magic exists most strongly in the
present. If you find yourself wandering through past mistakes or
feeling fearful about future events, simply command yourself to
be present. Look at yourself in a mirror. Really stare into your
eyes and connect with yourself. Then, in a strong voice of
command, say to yourself: "Come to present time!" You may have to
repeat this command up to three times, and then you will feel
yourself coming back into the "now." In the present, all things
are possible.

Magical Ritual #2: Swing Your Troubles Away
One of the best uses for a pendulum is to "clear" difficulties or
snags in your life. Simply dangle your pendulum from your
dominant hand while you visualize a current life problem. Begin
to swing the pendulum in a clockwise direction as you "see" the
situation resolving in your mind. When your pendulum stops
swinging of its own accord, the trouble has been cleared. Trust
the power of your intent (and your pendulum) and release the
problem from your consciousness. If you find yourself thinking
about the problem during the day, change your focus to something
else ... like a pink elephant!

Magical Ritual #3: Shield Yourself
To protect yourself from the rush of emotional energy being
released on the planet right now, wear a psychic shield. One of
our favorites is the Seven Arrows shield, which is an eternally
spinning symbol on an amulet that you wear on a necklace. Also
called the Faery Star, the Seven Arrows is a potent symbol that
can create sacred space around you wherever you go.

Learn more about the Seven Arrows shield or order online here.

Most of all, enjoy the magic. There has never been more magical
energy on the planet ... so live it up!

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