Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Psychic Surgery - Real or Bogus?

The world of magic is filled with strange psychic phenomena of all kinds, and a wide variety of people who want to develop their psychic powers. Others simply need some "psychic help" but are not sure who to trust, or whether psychic powers really exist.

A common example that falls into this realm of doubt is psychic surgery. We are frequently asked whether psychic surgery (or the application of psychic energy to the body) can heal illnesses, diseases, and other chronic conditions.

In general, the answer is "Yes." When done properly, following the Rules of the Road and the properties of the four elements on this planet, psychic surgery is a viable option for healing. Having said that, for psychic surgery to be successful, you need to work with someone who has the proper knowledge and experience.

2 Examples of Psychic Surgery
Back in the early 70s when I lived in Boulder, CO and everyone was into everything psychic (well, maybe not everyone ...) I developed a blockage in my stomach region which could not be diagnosed with any certainty. A friend suggested I work with a psychic surgeon. With serious doubts, I agreed. During the surgery, the psychic asked me to close my eyes. I felt nothing except for his fingers pressing and probing around the area of the blockage.

After the surgery was complete, he showed me the blockage he had removed from my system, neatly encased in a jar. It looked like a chicken heart or an oval grayish sponge of some kind. I never knew how the psychic did what he did, and it did not matter to me at the time. I was free of the stomach blockage, which was of great relief.

Now, many years later, I have a much better understanding of how psychic surgery occurs, based on universal and elemental laws and properties. Let's take the example of a decayed tooth under a crown. The decay is inaccessible because of the crown, and is also eroding the bone holding the tooth in place. An oral surgeon would need to pull the crown and tooth, wait for the bone to grow back, and then put in an implant and new crown. End result? Mission accomplished but very expensive.

Psychic surgery is another alternative. From a magical viewpoint, the problem boils down into 2 parts:

1. Infection/decay in the tooth and bone - Fire energy
2. Unstable bone due to decay - lack of Earth energy

To use magic or psychic surgery to correct the problem, a practitioner would:

1. Pull red-orange and yellow-orange out of the tooth and bone to reduce the inflammation.
2. Flow bright red and deep red through an athame into the area to cauterize and seal the area of decay.
3. Flow water blue energy through a chalice to rinse away any leftover decay or detritus.
4. Flow grass green and earth brown through a plate (pentacle) to regrow bone and stabilize the tooth.

If you think this sounds too good to be true-or too simple to achieve results-then you probably won't be signing up for psychic surgery anytime soon. However, rest assured that in the right hands and with the right tools, psychic healing does occur on a regular basis.

Psychic surgery gives you options. That is the beauty of a magical practice-you are not limited to the skills and resources available only on the visible earth plane. So long as you understand and can manipulate the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, you can achieve just about anything in this Universe!

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  1. Fascinating.
    BTW - I didnt find a FB tab here but I copy-pasted the link and put it on my FB wall.
    Really and truly fascinating. I have been reading lately a 1976 Banta book called PSI-Healing by A.Stelter that dwells long and hard on psychic surgery, but does not offer a theory into practice. Thank U for this interesting article.


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