Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 10 Reasons People Don't Do Magic

For those of us who have practiced and studied magic for years and live within magical realms, it is hard to believe that not everyone desires magical knowledge or a magical lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons we've found that people don't do magic.

1. Don't understand what it really is
2. Contempt prior to investigation
3. Confused by media representation
4. Fear of the unknown
5. It challenges Western societal traditions and beliefs we have been raised with about spirituality and religion
6. Fear of change
7. Too busy
8. It's easier to live mechanically in the mundane world than to work on increasing the level of one's being
9. Other people will think they are weird
10. Belief that magic is evil

Most magical practitioners probably had one or more of these beliefs at one time before discovering their path into the world of magic. Each person must decide for himself or herself what paths to take in life. Those called to a magical way of life will be drawn to it, as it is drawn to them. Then the choice is yours. Will you follow the calling of magical ways or succumb to the biggest fear of all that It Just Might Work?

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