Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quickie Rituals

You have probably heard the magical principle, "As Above, So Below". One way to apply this principle to your life is by working on your inner self which brings about growth and prosperity of all kinds in your outer life. Magical rituals are a good way to work on your inner self. There are of course rituals you can establish in your life that take some time each day to perform and some that take days or weeks or maybe even longer to accomplish. But there are also some simple, quick rituals you can do every day. Here are a few:

1. Exit Ritual – Each time you go outside during the day (or as many times as you can), raise your arms reaching towards the sky and say, "Sky beings above", then lower your arms reaching towards the Earth and say, "And Earth beings below, I greet you". This establishes a connection between you and many higher beings that can guide you. If you have a particular concern, problem or are in need of special guidance you can state that after the greeting.

2. 5 Minute Sit – Take 5 minutes in the morning to set the tone for your day and quiet your inner self. Sit in whatever position is comfortable for you and close your eyes. Pay attention to breathing deeply and evenly and quiet your mind. If you find your mind going to all the things you have to do today or what you did last night or anywhere else, stop and try quieting your mind again. The longer you can do this sit the better, but even just 5 minutes will make a difference in your day.

3. Moving Meditation – Establish a routine of doing this once everyday at around the same time each day. Decide what distance you will walk, for example around your neighborhood block. Divide that distance in half. The first half talk to higher beings and powers about anything you want to – how your day went, special concerns you have, challenges at work or with a relationship, a particular problem you are trying to solve. The second half of the distance, stop talking and use your other senses. Feel, listen, look at what is around you. Pay attention to any messages or thoughts that come to you, look for signs or totem animals that may appear.

4. Chalice Blessing – This is a good one to do with someone else or several others. You can do it by yourself or with your pets if no one else is available. Take a goblet or chalice with a stem (the element water tool), fill it half way with spring water and sprinkle a pinch of non-iodized salt in the water. Sit in the south facing the north and swirl the water clockwise while saying the following verse.

"Water and Earth where you are cast, Let no spell nor adverse purpose last, Not in accord with me. Bless these people (or this person, or this animal) and bless their space, Far from here send baneful trace. Thus my will, so it be."

Holding the chalice in your left hand, use your right index finger to dip into the water. Then draw a vertical line on the other person's forehead with your wet finger. Next draw a horizontal line from left to right intersecting with the vertical line (so that you have made a cross). Finally put your finger at the right end of the horizontal line you drew and move it clockwise around their forehead in a circle touching all the ends of the lines you drew. As you draw the circle say, "For the peace of your mind." Repeat this same procedure over the person's heart saying, "For the joy of your heart", then finally have them take a sip of the water from the chalice and say, "And for the health of your body." They can then do the ritual to you or if you have several people, you can sit in a circle and go around the circle doing it to the person next to you.

Using daily rituals such as these increases your connection with the Universe, establishes connections with higher beings and powers; thus allowing you to attract those things you want to attract in life. Do the ritual with as much consistency as possible. Make an appointment to "hang out" with your higher self for just a bit each day and watch how magical your life can become.

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