Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Magic Powers: Are Yours Stuck in Park?

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from new students in our online magic school is that they don't feel that their magic powers are increasing fast enough. They definitely see some magical results, but they want to see much more magic, much faster!

Isn't that just human nature? It's never fast enough?

But that's OK. We get it. We, too, have been impatient with the expansion of our own magic powers. We understand the desire for results. So we have 3 simple tips for you if you feel your own magic powers are "stuck in park," so to speak.

Magic Powers: 3 Tips for Getting Up to Speed
Magic is all around us in the Universe, and whenever we ask for the magic to appear in our lives, it rushes to us, regardless of whether we witness the occurrence or not. Believe it or not, there are so few people who actually ask and expect to receive magic, that magical beings are literally thrilled when we ask for their assistance. So magic does happen in our lives, as fast and furious as we could ever expect (but never faster than we can handle).

So how can we see the magic happening in our lives? How do we get out of that metaphysical feeling of being "stuck in park"? Here are three very simple techniques that have worked for hundreds of our students. Try them and see what effect they have on your own magic powers.

Tip #1: Journal about Your Magic Powers
There is magic just in the act of committing thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, and experiences to paper. When a non-visible "thing" like a thought is made visible by being written on paper, it becomes more real, more concrete, more manifest. Have you heard the expression, "Thoughts are things, and words have wings"? Well, it's true. A thought is already a thing that exists in the magical world, as are spoken words. And when you put a thought about magic onto paper, it becomes a more real magical item. So there's definitely magic in writing about your experiences with your magical powers ... even the most minor of experiences.

But there's more magic to writing than simply making your thoughts and experiences more real. Journaling is a way to chronicle your magical journey so that you won't forget where you started, and you can re-experience the wonder of any magical doorway or threshold you have crossed simply by reading your journal. For instance, consider the magical path our students normally experience with the Navajo Beauty Way. Here's what usually happens ... Students will:

1. Notice external events, such as a bird flying by or the sun becoming brighter
2. Feel internal shifts, such as mood changes or a new perspective
3. See changes in their lives over time, such as others responding differently
4. Receive the magical gifts they have requested
5. Begin to live a magical life, 24/7, and not simply when practicing a magical ritual

If you don't write your experiences with your magic powers in a journal or Book of Shadows, you may never notice these five transitions, from newbie to naturally magical. You won't notice that problems that have bugged you in the past no longer appear in your journal entries. You may not be aware that magical rituals that used to have "no effect" are now taken for granted as an effective and necessary part of your life.

If you DO journal, you will notice how the practice of magic moves from the awkwardness of learning new dance steps to a way of life. Magic is no longer something you do, it becomes part of who you are. Journaling is important for awareness. Just ask any healer. Almost any healer will tell you that many patients fail to notice when negative symptoms fall away. Until the healer questions the patient about some negative symptom, such as headaches, the patient may not even notice that she has not experienced any headaches since the last visit. She may simply be focused on the next "problem." The same is true with your magic powers. If you journal, and then re-read your journal on a regular basis, you will realize that your magic powers are always growing and are never stuck in park. It's just a matter of awareness.

Tip #2: Practical Daily Magical Rituals
Of course, for your magic powers to grow you need to keep magic in your life as much as possible. Daily magical rituals are a wonderful way to "walk in magic" throughout your day. Whether your daily dose of magic takes the form of a morning meditation, Day Greetings/Endings to the Winds of the Four Directions, or healing work for yourself and others, the practice of daily rituals keeps you immersed in magic. Need some tips? Check out our free ebook "10 Magical Quick Fixes". You can also check out our Daily Rituals ebook.

Tip #3: Ask for a Sign
Asking for a sign is an old standby whenever we feel a little "lost" in our magical world. Any time you need to make a decision and haven't a clue which way to go, ask for a sign. Any time you need guidance for a tricky situation, ask for a sign. And, of course, if you feel your magic powers are stagnant, ask for the Universe to show you that they are not. Use a daily ritual to ask or simply step outside and address any powers and beings with whom you have formed a relationship.

Talk to the Winds of the Four Directions. Hire an angel to bring you a sign (they work for appreciation!). Ask the Universe at large. Write your request and burn it in your Firebowl, letting the smoke carry your request to the Universe. Holding the request in mind at regular points in the day will also do the trick.

And finally, stay open. When you ask for signs and guidance, stay open to messages from the Universe. These messages come in all shapes and sizes. Random bits of conversation, a phrase in a book, a sudden insight, or simply an inner knowing. Be open to the unexpected and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Enjoy the upcoming moment of surprise and the Universe won't disappoint you!

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