Thursday, March 3, 2016

What to Do About Spiritual Hangovers

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling dull, tired, depressed, or just plain blue? Guess what? You might have a spiritual hangover. You can get a hangover from turbulent emotions and events that is similar to the hangover you get from drinking too much.

If you find yourself blue and depressed in the morning, track back a day or two and see if you can locate an event or situation-or even a memory that got triggered-that caused you to feel anxious or upset. If you can locate such an event, you've probably found the source of your hangover.

Another cause of spiritual hangovers, believe it or not, is experiencing a moment of spiritual enlightenment. Occasionally heavy spiritual work can bring on experiences that are truly transformative, but too much for Spirit to handle in the moment. The after effect of such a moment is a feeling of listlessness or depression.

One other prominent cause of these kinds of low states is a Spirit to mind conflict. If you've got a mental belief about something that conflicts with what your Spirit knows, that clash can produce a feeling of sadness or depression. For instance, you may mentally believe that you are locked into a particular life situation (think money problems, health issues, family disputes) while Spirit knows different. The resulting emotions tend to be sluggish and murky, and can even produce migraines and other similar physical manifestations.

So what do you do? What's the tonic for a spiritual hangover? There are several:

1. Sun Candle
As soon as you start to feel turbulent emotions or depression, stop and get away by yourself. Meditate with a sun yellow candle. You can charge the candle by sitting in the South facing North with the candle in front of you. Light the candle with wooden or paper matches (no lighters) and cup your hands around the flame. Say aloud,
"Child of wonder, Child of flame, Nourish my Spirit, and protect my aim."
Let the candle burn for at least 30 minutes to recharge your Spirit.

2. Shield Yourself Energetically
Most people imagine a nimbus of white light around themselves, but the actual energy that deflects negativity is electric blue. Electric blue is the color that you see at the base of a gas flame-deep, rich, exotic, inviting, and very powerful! See yourself surrounded by an electric blue bubble with all the low tone energies swirling around outside, unable to reach you. Alternatively, you can wear a Psychic Shield, which can also defend against negative energies without requiring much concentration from you.

3. Wash the Blues Away
Water is the energy of emotions. To clear negative emotions, take a shower. See the negative energy being attracted to and carried away by the water, then washed down the drain. The more romantic (and sometimes more effective) version of this exercise is to walk in the rain by running water. The running water carries away the old emotions while the rain brings fresh energies.

Regardless of what you choose to do about your spiritual hangover, the key is to do something! Staying in the muck and mire of low tone energies makes you increasingly unavailable to help. Taking any action toward alleviating your blues is positive, even if that action is just breathing consciously for 60 seconds. You can learn more simple rituals to deal with life's problems magically in our Kindle books and Daily Rituals ebook.

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