Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How Do We Download Psychic Information?

We begin to notice in many of our experiments with "extra-sensory perception" that our data emerges through our bodily senses or our mind. In the case of dowsing, either with "L-rods" or with the pendulum, our bodies become part of the tool for scrying, or finding the answer to our questions. When we use astral temple techniques or thought-form transmissions, also known as mental telepathy, it is our minds that provide us with the link. Considering that our Spirit, with its 35 plus perceptics, is the originating information gatherer, we cannot help but wonder how the "download" of information occurs, even speculating that discovering the process could help us improve our use of these techniques.

Let's examine one possibility of "download." This is a Spirit-to-body-to-mind transmission. When Spirit has extended its perceptic apparatus into the outside world psychically, it enters the "zone" of heightened awareness and begins sending messages to body. Correspondently, there is a similar state which body goes into as our nerve cells begin to utilize a much higher degree of their "receptors," which habitually are dormant. This we can verify by noticing such physical stimulus as "hairs standing up on the backs of our necks" or even a slight internal quivering, as though a state of excitation has been reached. Now through the use of neuro-peptides, the nervous system sends it messages into the brain, but how is this done, and how is it then translated into coherent messages for the mind?

To answer these perplexing questions we turn to the science of holography as laid out in "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot. On page 27 we find information about "Fourier Transforms." Fourier developed a mathematical way of converting any pattern, no matter how complex, into a language of wave forms, and conversely back into their original patterns. Just as television images in a camera are converted into electromagnetic frequencies that are sent out through the air or along a cable to be reassembled into pictures by our TV set, this is much the same process utilized by our nervous system in relaying information to our minds.

In this analogy, the brain is only serving the function of a TV tower - broadcasting the signals. Mind then receives these images and we, as Spirit, can ask mind to give us a "print out" in a form that can be recognized and understood by our various personalities that we use to deal with our life situations.

This, of course, is the one point where problems arise. Mind, for most of us, is not trained to provide an accurate "print out" unaltered by past history or beliefs. So this is where special training comes in. You can practice exercises such as the ones found in our Psychic Development ebook to fine tune your psychic abilities and enhance your psychic skills.

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