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5 Basics of Effective Magickal Spell Work

When people hear the phrase "Spell Work" they often think of Harry Potter and his gang casting spells with their wands, or other similar movie references. In truth, spell work has very little to do with magick wands or the number of witches participating in such an event. Casting spells off the top of your head with your magick wand usually doesn't produce more than a headache. In this article, we will review the 5 basic steps of magickal spell work. These steps are practical, simple, and easily accomplished by practitioners of any level. To learn even more about simple beginning spells take a look at our Kindle book, The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners.

Step #1: Choose the Type of Spell
The first step to performing a magickal spell that actually accomplishes your aim is to choose the type of spell you will use. Pairing the right type of spell with the effect you want to magickally create in the world is very important.  Trying to use a simple single candle spell to change events on a global scale is not likely to be effective. At the same time, designing a complex Tarot spell to tweak a small aspect of your business would be overkill. The spell would probably accomplish the aim, but you would spend far more time and energy than necessary to affect such a small part of your world. So choosing the right type of spell is the key to starting off on the right foot.

Before you can choose the most appropriate type of spell, you first need to define the aim of your spell. What do you want your spell to achieve? Write the aim of your spell in one sentence. Depending on the complexity of or degree of change you want your spell to create, choose the appropriate type of spell. Though there is a huge variety of spells available, the most common types of spell used in present time include:

1.    Sun Candle spells
2.    single candle spells with appropriate carvings
3.    simulacra spells (often better known as voodoo)
4.    walking litany spells
5.    multiple candle spells
6.    Tarot spells
7.    circle ritual spells
8.    black mirror spells

Sun Candle, single candle, simulacra, and walking litany spells are the easiest to perform, and can be done with very few ingredients and just a little preparation. The more complex spells--multiple candle, Tarot, and circle ritual spells--require a great deal more planning, preparation, and caution. Most practitioners can accomplish the majority of daily needs with the first four simple spells. The last four types of spell require the ability to do a variety of Tarot readings to analyze the situation, prepare and check on verses and other spell requirements, the ability to set up a full cast circle, plus the ability to safely open and close a black mirror, and more. The best way to begin with spell work is to start with the first four types of spells. Once you have mastered these four types of spells, learning the last four types of complex spells will be a natural next step.

Step #2: Write Directors and Limiters
In the beginning, we suggest you start with simple aims for your spell, as well as simple spell types. Once you have chosen the type of spell you desire, the next step is to write Directors and Limiters. In the simplest of terms. Directors and Limiters specify what you want and do not want your spell to do, achieve, and more. For instance, if the spell is about your money situation, you would create Directors (what you want your spell to do) that will specify the range of money that you would like to come into your life. If you work with specific Spirit beings, you would also request their help in your list of Directors. In your Limiters, you might want to specify that the money that comes into your life be from a free and legal source. One novice spell caster neglected to add this specific Limiter to her list, and ended up earning very good money (as specified in her Directors) in her job. The only catch was that the job was with a Mob operation, hence illegal. Creating very specific Directors and Limiters is crucial to the effectiveness of your spell. For instance, with money spells, you may also want to have a Limiter that states that your spell will not cause untimley death or loss of property to anyone... without this Limiter your spell may bring you the money you desire through an inheritance, at the expense of a family member's untimely death. In short, Directors and Limiters are the magickal way of specifying the who, what, when, and how of your spell.

Once you have a solid and specific list of Directors and Limiters, you may want to write verses to accompany your Directors and Limiters.  Verses are lyrical or poetic versions of your Directors and Limiters, and can be used in conjunction with your Directors and Limiters to strengthen your spell. For instance, with a Sun Candle spell, you may decide to place your Directors and Limiters between a magickal Plate or Pantacle and the Sun Candle. As you light the Sun Candle each day, keep the Directors and Limiters under the candle while you read your verses aloud in a voice of command. Taking the time to write verses and read them daily (often for 40 days at a time) sends a strong signal to the Universe. While verses are not strictly necessary, the lyrical vocalization of your spell on a daily basis roots your spell deeper in your psyche, and attracts that which you desire into your life more quickly.

Step #3: Check Your Directors and Limiters Plus Verses
Even if you write what seems to be perfect Directors and Limiters plus verses, it is always a good idea to check your results with a Question Circle. A Question Circle allows you to check whether any of your Directors or Limiters will achieve the intended results of your spell. A Question Circle will also help you check your verses. The Four Directions, along with Sky, Earth, and any specific Spirit guides who help you, can offer all kinds of lyrical inspiration, not to mention what is excessive or missing from your Directors and Limiters.

To do a Question Circle you will need to gather a Sun Yellow Candle that can easily be carried from place to place, wooden or paper matches to light the candle, a pen, and paper, plus your spell aim, Directors, Limiters, and verses. After you gather your materials, proceed with the Question Circle using the following directions.

1. Locate the directions north, south, east and west. If you are unsure of the cardinal directions, go outside with a compass and take readings of the directions. Be sure to use your compass outside as there is too much electromagnetic energy inside a house to give you accurate readings.

2. Find a space in your house that is 5 to 10 feet in diameter, moving whatever furniture necessary.

3. Gather your materials, and then enter the circle from the East and walk clockwise to the South. Once you reach the South side of your circle, sit facing the outside of the circle with your Sun Candle and materials in front of you.

4. Light your candle with the wooden or paper matches (no lighters), cup your hands around the flame of the candle. Once the candle has a tall active "working flame," charge or program the candle by saying the following verse aloud in a voice of command: "Child of wonder, child of flame, nourish my spirit and protect my aim."

5. Now bring your candle and materials to the East side of the circle, walking clockwise to reach the East. Sit facing the outside of the circle, again placing your candle and materials before you.

6. Take a few moments to calm and quiet your body and mind. Then say aloud in a voice of command, "Please show me what changes I may need to make in my choice of spell type, my Directors and Limiters, and verses to create the most effective spell for my aim."

7. Sit quietly and allow the answer to come. Be prepared as each direction on the Medicine Wheel often has much to offer. Keep writing until the flow of information stops.

8. Bring your candle and materials clockwise to the South. Sit facing the outside of the circle, and then follow the same steps as outlined previously to ask the South for guidance on your spell. Repeat with the directions West and North.

9. Finally, return to the center of your circle and sit facing East. Ask the same questions of "Sky Above" and "Earth Below." If you have specific Spirit guides, ask them this question at this time.

10. Once you have received all the information flowing to you, thank all of the directions and any Spirit guides. Blow out your Sun Candle.

11. Take some time to read through the answers from each direction of Spirit guide. It may take a few days for all of the information to fall into logical order. Allow the information to percolate for the next few days. Alter your spell type, Directors and Limiters, and verses as guided by your Question Circle. Then move onto the next step.

Step #4: Record Results and Launch Your Spell
Once you have tweaked and updated your spell type, Directors and Limiters, and verses as needed, record every aspect of your spell in a Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadows is a sacred magickal book in which you record every spell you ever launch. A Book of Shadows can be as simple as a spiral bound notebook, or as complex as a deeply embossed leather book with parchment paper. Many people place the symbol of the pantacle (star inside a circle) on both covers of their Book of Shadows to protect the contents.

In your Book of Shadows, write the date and time you launch your spell, along with the spell type, Directors and Limiters, verses, and any other details. For instance, if you use a single candle spell, you may have carved symbols onto the candle. Record each of these symbols as well. If you choose to read your spell verses aloud with your candle lit on a daily basis, record each time and date of each reading. Finally, jot down any signs and guidance you receive regarding your spell or the progress of your spell.

Step #5: Checkup on Your Spell
There are as many ways of checking on the progress of your spell as there are types of spells. For beginners, use the Question Circle method to check on your spell. Instead of asking how you can change your spell verses or type to better achieve your spell's aim, in Question Circle ask how your spell is progressing, and whether you need to take any action steps. Sometimes adding an extra daily mantra or walking litany add a great deal of force to your spell. Very infrequently, some spells go awry and need to be taken down. In the case of a simple candle spell, all you need to do is break the candle you used in half. Bury both halves in the Earth for a moon cycle. This will "take down" your spell and reverse any damage the spell may have caused. For the most part, the Question Circle will simply provide reassurance or offer additional suggestions to boost your spell's power. Feel free to check on your spell as often as once a week.

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