Thursday, December 3, 2015

Magically Reaching for Inspiration

Do you ever wonder why inspiration sometimes just comes to you but other times you can't find it on a bet? And do you ever notice how when you are inspired everything is easier? Work is easier, play is more fun, and magic is more accessible. The question then becomes, "How can we be more inspired more of the time?" Are there magical means for reaching the muses of inspiration?

To ferret out the answers to these questions we first have to know something about inspiration. What is it? We can sometimes identify the situations in which inspiration strikes us -- like during a red-hot brainstorming session or the runner's high after a good long jog or even while singing in the shower. Inspiration and solutions to life problems simply come to us in these situations.

What these situations share in common is the level of our energetic vibration. At times like these our energy is buzzing at a very high and very refined level. The vibration of inspiration is also a high frequency, so when we get that "runner's high" we are a match for the energy of inspiration. In other words, the key to getting inspired is to get happy or energetically high.

Dianetics founder L. Ron Hubbard cataloged our various emotions into what he called the Tone Scale. From this scale you can see how different emotional states are ranked in terms of energetic vibration, from Apathy to Enthusiasm, with Enthusiasm being at the top end of the scale. Here is a partial list that you can use as a reference:

4.0 ENTHUSIASM (Cheerfulness) A lighthearted soul with a free mind. Flexible. A winner.
3.5 INTEREST (Amusement) Actively interested in subjects related to survival. Doing well.
3.0 CONSERVATISM (Contentment) The conformist. Don't rock the boat. Resists change. Not too many problems.
2.5 BOREDOM The spectator. All the world is a stage and he's the audience. Neither contented nor discontented. He endures things. Purposeless. Careless. Not threatening. Not helpful.
1.8 PAIN Touchy, irritable, scattered. Striking at source of pain.
1.5 ANGER Chronic distemper. Blames. Holds grudges. Threatens. Demands obedience.
0.5 GRIEF The whiner. Collects grievances and old mementos. Dwells in the past. Feels betrayed. Everything painful.
0.05 APATHY Given up. Turned off. Suicidal. Addict, alcohol, gambler. Fatalistic. May pretend he's found "peace."

You can see how tones like Pain and Anger would be far from the high pure energy of inspiration while tones like Enthusiasm and Interest would be a match. Now that we know something about the energetic vibration of inspiration, the aim becomes getting ourselves into the tones of Interest or Enthusiasm.

Too hard, you say? Rest easy. Here are simple ways for raising the level of your vibration:

– EAT IT: For those on the run, sometimes ingesting high vibration foods is the best way to get your energy to that high fast rate because you are what you eat. Organic foods or foods prepared with loving care have higher vibrations than ordinary food. AFA bluegreen algae is one of purest foods with very high vibrations. Learn more or order online here:

– COLOR IT: Wearing Sky Blue or Water Blue can help you more easily access the energy of inspiration. These colors nourish the Spirit and the emotions and can support a high emotional state throughout the day.

– LISTEN TO IT: Listening to inspiring music or a great speaker can help. We recommend the monthly CD program from Abraham-Hicks. Get a free sample by going to their website (

– BREATHE IT IN: Our experience shows that breathing deeply and consciously can help you feel good. That's one of the reasons that esoteric teachings have long recommended breathing exercises.

Enjoy these simple methods for helping yourself feel good. Remember, with magic it's never too late to have a happy childhood no matter what age you are!

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