Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Magick of Enough: Want to know the secret to "The Secret"?

So many people understand the logic behind "The Secret" but can't seem to make it work as well as they would like. Why is that? Because "The Secret" has you focusing on your desires. Nothing wrong with that, but often that focus brings up feelings of contrasting lack (especially later in the day, when you are not focusing on yourself living the life of your dreams).

Finding Enough
The real secret is to get happy about where you are, your square on the chess board of life, if you will. The square may seem small, cramped, dirty, unfulfilling and lacking in money, health, or joy. That may be so, but the square on which you stand is the one you have, right here, right now. And the big secret to "The Secret" is that you have to accept the square on which you stand, feel that it is "enough" and then the Universe will give you more. Find ways to feel fulfilled about where you are. Anything will do. Little joys of life. The power of "enough" is that when you can find any feeling of "good enough" about any part of your square, the Universe will respond with more "enough". You don't need to spend much time focusing on your desires unless that brings you joy. The Universe already knows what you want. When you feel a sense of "enough" with what you have, the Universe will dish out more things that will make you feel more "enoughness." Silly and simply, but it works.

Why It Works
This works because of the Law of Vibration. Merely focusing on your desires won't bring them to you unless you are putting out a vibrational energy that is a match for those desires. That is the basis behind the Law of Attraction. When you can genuinely feel fulfillment with your current place and circumstances in life then you set your vibration at a higher level than when you have negative feelings about your conditions. Remember that positive will attract more positive and negative will attract more negative. So to move forward or up the ladder to where you want to be and what you want to have, you have to shift your energies and vibrations to a frequency that will attract more of the positives that you want.

Now that you know your "job" to attract more of your desires, do some thinking about ways you can raise your vibrational level starting with being satisfied with where you are now. You might write up a gratitude list that you can focus on daily, develop some affirmations to chant throughout the day based on those gratitudes or blessings you have in your life, or you might begin doing some forms of daily rituals to make a higher connection with the Universe and get to know your spirit guides. Our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want In Life ebook can help you with simple daily rituals to incorporate into your spiritual practice. No matter what your circumstances are currently, getting to know your spirit guides and developing a relationship with them will give you a place to start counting your blessings. Even if you can't find anything else to be grateful for in your situation, those relationships will give you one to begin your gratitude list.

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