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Magick Spells Part II: When to Use a Canned Spell

Part I of When to Use a Canned Spell

In Part 1 of this article series we talked about what spellwork can do for you and your options of either learning to do spellwork yourself or hiring a magical practitioner to do one for you. Continuing in that vein, let's take a look at the types of magic spells you will learn about in our Basic Magic Course if you decide you want to master this skill for yourself.

Spellwork Basics
First of all understand that a spell is a magical operation in which you create a spell matrix made up of a number of elements and program it to build momentum and overcome obstacles to produce a particular result over a period of time. In programming a spell it is important to use directors that define specifically what the spell will do and limiters that will define what will not happen as a result of the spell, like safeguards. For example, if you are doing a spell to have a large sum of money come to you, you want to make sure you build limiters into it that insure the money comes from legal means and with no harm to or death of someone else. Without these directions built into the spell it will take the path of least resistance to achieve the goal and that could mean you get what you asked for but in a way you don't want.

Candle Spell
A candle spell uses a single candle and programs it to act in accord with the spell's purpose, directors, limiters and verses. In creating a candle spell you take into consideration the elements needed to build the matrix, the timing of launching the spell in accordance with moon phases or astrological conditions, the symbols you will carve into the candle, the paint you will use to anoint the candle, the directors and limiters needed for the spell, the words you will use in creating spell verses, and the sonics of how you will use your voice to speak the verses. After all this planning is put into place and the steps taken to prepare the candle and verses, the candle is lit and verses are read which launches the spell setting it in motion. Being familiar with the Tarot is another important part of doing spellwork as it allows you to plan for the success of the spell and checkup on the progress of the spell while waiting for final results.

Multiple Candle Spell
Multiple candle spells are good for situations where there are several factors involved or obstacles to overcome. A single candle spell can handle only one or two obstacles whereas a multiple candle spell can handle more. For example, if you are launching a spell to improve your financial situation, this might include several factors such as getting out of debt, changing jobs, changing where you are living, etc... A multiple candle spell can use from two to four candles each assigned a single factor and joined by a carrier candle. The carrier candle that has a right facing eagle carved into it gathers power and programming from the other candles and launches the energy matrix. Make sure the right facing eagle symbol is used as it carries your wishes to the Universe whereas the left facing eagle symbol is the firebird or thunderbird which is a destroyer. As in a single candle spell, you still write directors and limiters, do 12-card Tarot readings to begin and checkup on the spell, carve and anoint your candles, write spell verses and take colors and sonics into consideration.

Tarot Spell
The more complex the problems or issues around your desire are, the more complex spell you need. If you are considering a multiple candle spell and find you would need more than four candles, a Tarot spell is probably a better choice. A Tarot spell can help overcome multiple obstacles. For a tarot spell you need to have a good working knowledge of tarot card meanings and 12-card readings. These type of spells have many of the same preparatory steps like doing a base reading, a reading to see if the spell will work, writing directors and limiters, and writing verses. It is a more complex spell though than single or multiple candle spells and takes a lot more planning and time. Basically a Tarot spell works by using the Tarot cards set up in a 12-card reading pattern representing the situation around which your desire exists. You will see what obstacles there are preventing your desire from coming to you and by making changes in those cards representing obstacles within the spell matrix you set up, you set up those same changes to manifest in the world.

These are just brief explanations of some types of spells you learn how to do when studying spellwork in our Basic Magic Course. As you can probably tell by these brief descriptions there is a lot involved and you need to start with a good magical foundation starting with learning about the four elements. That is why spellwork is taught towards the end of the 30 week Basic Magic Course. Also, know that while there may be much to consider and do in building a spell, the process itself can be fun and the results magical. If you are intrigued and you want to learn more, then studying spellwork is for you. If it all sounds like too much trouble then you will need to find a magical practitioner to create a spell for you. Either way magic spells are a powerful way to solve a lot of problems and make great things happen in your life.

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