Thursday, July 16, 2015

How Do You Study Magic? Here's How

We get this question all the time from people all over the world. They are ready to dip their toes into the magical pool but are not sure how to get started. Check out this online tutorial to get an idea; here's what's covered.

This tutorial starts you out with an explanation of what real magic is and the universal laws that specifically govern magical practice. It then moves on to the topics you need to learn to begin a magical practice starting with mastering the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It then goes through how to use those elements with handwork, magical tools, and in magical operations such as divination, spellwork, and self-defense and then how to add the Tarot to your magical practice.

Since the four elements are the foundation of a magical practice, our students spend a lot of time experimenting with each of the elements with each of the colors and characteristics; increasing each of those and decreasing each of those. That allows you to feel for yourself what each element in all its variations is like and become personally involved with them. This will pay off as you progress in your magical skills and practice. For example, let's look at all that is involved with just the Air element in terms of colors and characteristics our Basic Magic students experience and experiment with.

Air Colors
Clear: breathing, physical reactions, physical sensations, seeing
White: mental processes, thinking, planning, communicating
Sky Blue: spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, understanding

Air Characteristics
Transparency or clarity – can see through it
Carrier – carries fire energy and light objects
Reflectivity – can be mirror like or silvery under some conditions
Compressible and Expandable – able to occupy less space or more space
Easy Flow – flows readily
Reactive – reacts quickly to energy input
Shape Malleable – changes shape easily
Mutable – can be changed into other elements under some conditions
Insulator – can insulate or separate from conditions
Inherently Stable – doesn't move unless acted on by an outside force
Direct Mediator for Fire – mediates fire so it can be applied to water and earth
Lightweight – very light, almost weightless
Masculine – outgoing or forceful

Did you have any idea this one element has so many characteristics? By gaining an in-depth understanding of how these work, you have a wide selection of characteristics to add in when using the Air element for unlimited operations. If you aren't sure how to get started on your magical learning, begin with the tutorial and get an overview of what your magical path can look like. From there you'll be able to find your interests and how involved you want your magical learning experience to be. Then we have a full selection of online courses, ebooks, and Kindle books as well as our free blog and articles library to choose from and really get going on your magical journey.

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