Thursday, April 10, 2014

Relationship Blues? Magical Elements Could be the Solution!

We all know that our personalities play a major role in how we deal with other people and how we handle life situations. You may have even taken one or more personality tests to better your personality type.

Did you know that there is a magical personality test as well? You can get the test by clicking the link BELOW.

Magical Elements Personality Test

This test tells which of the four magical elements--Air, Fire, Water, and Earth--dominate your personality. But here's the real kicker. Depending on your magical elemental personality and that of another person close to you, you may be destined to constantly have relationship problems unless you take the time to understand the specific needs communication styles of each type.

We will delve into each type later. For now, download test, score yourself, and enjoy! Many people end up with two magical elements being equally dominant, which is perfectly normal! Once you have found out about yourself, ask that special someone in your life (who gives you such relationship trouble) to take the test, too. Or take it for them if you like! Read future blogs to find out why you do or don't get along!

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