Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Magic of Silence

If you continually find yourself surrounded and bombared by the noisy, hustle and bustle of everyday life, maybe you need a little magic of silence in your life. To be effective at any magical practice and to be in a mode to receive information from Spirit helpers and the Universe you have to be able to listen and make a connection from Spirit. With all the noise and rushing around trying to get through our daily to-do lists, we often forget to listen and shut down our ability to hear our inner voices of guidance.

Practicing the Magic of Outer Silence
Practicing inner and outer silence can increase and develop your ability to hear the Universe and its messages. Outer silence is usually easier initially for people to achieve. You can do this through exercises such as picking a segment of your day, maybe 2 hours, that you choose to be silent; in other words a time when you choose to not talk at all. If being at work or school prohibits your being silent for that long a period, then pick a time on the weekend or a day off. Try to avoid surrounding yourself with too much noise from other sources during this time also. For example, don't have a radio or TV on. You can still go about doing chores or just sit quietly, meditate or read an uplifting book. Maintaining silence gives you more of a chance to actively listen or watch for messages from the Universe.

Practicing the Magic of Inner Silence
If you absolutely cannot work the practice of outer silence into your day, you can work on inner silence instead on that day. This means quieting the internal mind chatter that we have so much of the time. As you go through your day take notice of the type of thoughts that go through your mind triggered by what you see and hear and how many of those thoughts you have. As you notice one of these thoughts popping up, begin to quiet the stream of thought by putting your attention on your breathing or a physical sensation such as your feet striking the ground as you walk. Anytime a thought comes up mechanically, put your attention back on a physical sensation. Consistent practice of this exercise will allow you to begin taking control of quieting your internal chatter quickly which opens space for you to listen to your inner voice of guidance. 

As you practice inner and outer silence, you will begin to notice that these two forms of silence influence each other. The more silent you become on the outside, the more silent you'll become on the inside and vice versa. When you let the magic of silence into your life, you allow Spirit to guide your life and open yourself to partnering with the Universe to bring all sorts of magic into your life. Find out other ways to bring more magic into your life with our free ebook 10 Magic Quick Fixes for Your Life.

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