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Develop Psychic Abilities to Heal Another Person Using the Pendulum

Using the pendulum as a healing tool is one of the techniques you can use when you develop psychic abilities. In our Psychic Development ebook we cover a variety of magic healing techniques in which you use magical tools to gather information psychically and energetically from a person in order to treat their ailments. Using the pendulum, you can do magical healing work on a person directly or remotely.

Quick Keying Your Pendulum
Before using the pendulum for healing, it needs to be keyed. A quick method of keying your pendulum is to hold it in your dominant hand and flow energy into it until it feels charged, warm, tingly or alive. This will keep it keyed for a couple of days.

Diagnosing Using the Pendulum
Once you have keyed your pendulum, you can do direct healing work on a person if they are physically present. First you can use the pendulum to do some "diagnostics" and determine places in the person's body that are problem areas. This is a technique that helps to develop psychic abilities as you are receiving information not available to you through your five senses. You depend on your magical tool to find problem areas and give you this information. Here's how you use the pendulum to "diagnose" problem areas:
  • Have the person lay down in a comfortable place and show you areas they believe need healing or have pain.
  • Spin your pendulum in a clockwise direction starting at the person's head. 
  • State your intention and focus it on using the pendulum as a tool for diagnostic purposes.
  • While allowing the pendulum to spin in a clockwise direction, slowly move it down over the person's body.
  • Take note of places where the pendulum stops, begins to swing in a straight line or changes direction. 
  • These places are areas that have problems that the person may or may not have identified for you. The source of the pain is not always where the person has indicated they feel the pain. We want to know where the source of the pain is coming from in order to heal it.
Healing Using the Pendulum
Now that you are aware of specific areas in need of healing, you are ready to begin using the pendulum as a healing tool. State your intention and focus it on using the pendulum as a healing tool and follow these steps:
  • Start again at the person's head.
  • Go to each "trouble" area that you found through the diagnostic procedure.
  • Swing your pendulum counter-clockwise over the problem area to unwind any health issue there.
  • Continue letting the pendulum swing over this area until it stops spinning counter-clockwise. 
  • Move to the next "problem" spot and repeat these steps.
As you develop psychic abilities more and more, you may get information that a certain area needs an energy boost rather than a reversing of a health issue. You can achieve this in the same manner only moving the pendulum in a clockwise direction instead of counter-clockwise. Examples of when this could be called for are when dealing with a body organ that is in need of more energy such as in the case of a weak heart or deficient spleen or if the chakras need energizing.

These same procedures using the pendulum can be done to heal a person remotely. Simply take a piece of paper, write the person's name on it, and draw an outline of their body on the paper. As you use the pendulum on the paper body, focus your intention on having whatever you do to the drawn figure apply also to the person it represents. You can use either direct or remote techniques to do healing on yourself. If the area is accessible such as your leg, then you can use the direct method. If you are experiencing pain in your back or somewhere not easily accessible, then use the remote method.

You can develop psychic abilities to find sources of pain or health issues, to heal others and to heal yourself. Everyone has these psychic abilities, some just need to practice receiving this type of information and be open to the magical possibilities it can bring to their lives. Healing work with magical tools is just one of those possibilities. Give this technique a try with your own pendulum and start yourself on the path to magical healing.

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