Thursday, February 13, 2014

Magic That Works: Healing a Hawk

Today we'd like to share with you a story of magic that works from one of our students. This is one of the many stories you'll find in our Kindle Witchcraft Spell Books series books as examples of magic that works in real life and various ways our students have found to use the magic techniques they've learned.

Healing A Hawk
Shortly after I began taking the Basic Magic class, my husband and I were driving down from the mountains back to town. As we drove on the highway, my husband saw a beautiful hawk sitting on a fence post. Just as he started to point it out to me, the hawk took off and flew head first at top speed into our windshield.

In the rear view mirror, my husband saw him land at the side of the road after being thrown over the top of the car. Our windshield was broken, including three large crack marks down the middle to attest to the force with which the hawk hit. We just knew he could not have survived the impact, but stopped anyway to see if we could do anything.

My husband found him at the side of the road and miraculously he was still alive, but something was terribly wrong with his left wing. It just hung uselessly, and looked like it was hardly attached anymore. He stumbled along the ground as my husband approached. The hawk was unable to fly away and looked seriously hurt.

I then remembered what I had learned in Basic Magic, and thought it couldn't hurt to try some energy work. I first gave the hawk some Sun Yellow energy, and then some Sky Blue Air and Clear Air. Suddenly the hawk took off just as I had finished my energy work, and we watched him soar, flap, and use that wing as if nothing had happened. We watched until he had totally flown out of sight and I was sure he would be fine.

Witchcraft Spell Books
If you find this story intriguing, you too can learn a variety of magical techniques and daily magical rituals right from your Kindle, Smart Phone or computer. To give you an idea of the type of magic that works you can learn in this format, let's look at what some of the topics covered in the first book in the series, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands.
  • Using a Book of Shadows
  • Beginner Rituals and Spells: Rituals and Spells Done With Your Bare Hands
  • Contact Rituals for Sky and Earth
  • Hiring Parking and Other Unemployed Angels
  • Talking to the Spirit of Owl to Find Hidden Information
  • Bathtub Litany for Relief from Negativity and Pain
  • Walking in the Rain by Running Water for Fresh Insight
  • Using the Water Bowl for Scrying and Psychic Messages
  • Walking Meditation for Those Who Can't Sit Still
  • Walking Litany for Invisibility and Other Magical Effects
  • Rooting Yourself in Mother Earth
  • Beginner Weather Working with Clouds
  • Protection and Disconnection Litany
If these sound like skills you'd like to learn, check out this book and the other 3 in the series at You'll get lots of magic that works bang for your buck with the Witchcraft Spell Books series.

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