Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Attacked? Simple and Best Self Defense Magic to Use in the Moment

This protection magic technique is one of the best self-defense tips for you to know in case of physical attack. It is just one of the techniques you'll find in our Magical Self Defense Homestudy Course. Basically it entails making your body into an energetic lightning rod and sending back an attacker's own energy, thus using another's energy against them.

For most people, the most usual reaction to being physically attacked is to tense up and/or to fight. But with this protection magic technique it is better to go limp. This allows you to pull energy from your attacker, store it briefly and send it back to him/her in a single blast to a particular targeted area. The energy you are pulling from the attacker will be mostly, if not completely, fire energy. Using your body to pull in his/her excess fire energy, you become a lightning rod. This technique can be lethal to your attacker, so be sure before using it that you are in accordance with Rules of the Road. If you are, then here's how to proceed with being a lightning rod.
1. When grabbed or attacked, don't resist. Instead go limp so as not to waste your own force.

2. Pull energy from your attacker into your own body as quickly as you can. This will be easy to do in most cases since the attacker will more than likely be radiating a large amount of fire energy, probably red-orange and/or yellow-orange. Their energy will be obvious through their anger, fear or other negative energies so you won't have to work very hard to access it and you will be able to deplete their supply of energy very quickly.

3. Store up the energy you pull from the attacker in your body and add it to your own red-orange fire energy from anger, fear, rage, or pain.

4. Keep pulling the attacker's energy until you see him/her go limp or relax. At this point flow all the energy you have stored into your output hand.

5. Now send all the stored energy to your attacker by tapping one or two fingers of your output hand on his/her forehead, between the eyes, on the throat or over the heart while you are flowing all the stored energy out those fingers.

Delivering this amount of energy at one targeted area to another person can be lethal, but is a good form of protection magic to get you out of a dangerous situation. You don't need magical tools, any preparation or any set-up to do this technique and it can very possibly save your life. Hopefully this is not a technique you will need often, but to be ready you can practice taking in energy and flowing it out at a specific target by using a candle and watching for the flame to move as you "shoot" energy out your output hand fingers. Keeping your skills sharp will make sure you are ready if the need should arise to use this type of protection magic. To learn more protection magic and techniques for magical self-defense, see our Magical Self Defense course.

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