Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Magic Spells on the World Level: Blast from the Past

When it comes to magic spells, a wise practitioner must remember the magical principle that "altered procedures produce altered results". When performing a spell or ritual it is very important that the procedures be followed exactly as written and intended. This is one of the reasons that getting spells from outside sources is not always as safe as creating your own. If you have created the spell, then you know the intentions and procedures intimately. In our Kindle book Witchcraft Spell Books series, we stress that the magic spells and rituals provided there have been tested over long periods of time and found to be safe even for beginners, but the instructions must be followed exactly to get the desired results. The first book in our Kindle book series, Learn How To Do Witchcraft Rituals And Spells With Your Bare Hands, gives some examples of how magic spells can backfire when the procedures are not followed exactly or intentions are not specifically set. Here is one story that tells the tale of extreme repercussions for magic spells where intentions are not directly set.

A World War I Story
This story is about the results of the intentions of various groups of people during World War I. According to our magical research, when the entire civilized world prayed that something would rescue Germany from the inflationary depression after World War I (because it was dragging everyone down economically) without specifying what or how, those prayers brought Hitler to power. Hitler tried twice before to take power, but failed both times.

At the same time, the Jews were fervently praying to return to the Holy Land. However, at the time the Jewish population was too large to successfully return to the Holy Land (they would have been killed off by the Arabs)--only a small population could successfully return. The Jewish prayer tied into the prayers that brought Hitler to power, and by the path of least resistance Hitler's methods reduced the Jewish population so that their prayer of returning to the Holy Land could be realized.

The Magic of Kindle
By now you hopefully know about our new Kindle book series, Witchcraft Spell Books. If not, let us get you up to speed. This series was designed to help keep magical knowledge alive and in as many hands as possible. Witchcraft and magic are very real. These practices have existed as precise sciences for thousands of years. More importantly, every single person can learn to do witchcraft and magic. We are all born with the talents and abilities that empower us to do the rituals and spells presented in these books. In the distant past, studies in witchcraft and magic were just as important as math, science, or the arts. These books in a three-part series are dedicated to spreading the knowledge of practical witchcraft and magic around the planet.

The first book in the series, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands, enables you to learn, step by step, to perform beginner rituals and spells with your bare hands. You can find it HERE. But, don't think you have to have a Kindle to take advantage of this knowledge. You can use your Smart phone or computer and still access these books by getting the Kindle app. Claim your magical birthright, get your copy now, and join the wonder filled world of magic!

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