Thursday, September 6, 2012

Magic 2012: What's Your Big Lesson

Magic 2012 is a good time to figure out what big life lesson you have yet to learn. Typically, the Universe will offer our lessons to be learned in this Earth School we live in, from a soft approach. We get it, thank the Universe for the help and go on. If the message is ignored however, it will not go away, but will get delivered in a stronger way.

Magic 2012: Getting the Message
Even those of us who live life as magical practitioners sometimes don't always get the message right away in the soft and gentle delivery. We have to wait for the stronger message which can sometimes wreak havoc in our lives. Especially in this year of Magic 2012 when there is so much going on, messages can be difficult to sort out and understand.

Magic 2012: The Two By Four Message
The Universe doesn't stop though just because we don't get it. Each time a message is sent it gets more obvious and not as easy to ignore. Kinda like going from a softly whispered piece of advice to being hit up the side of the head with a two by four. Here's an example.

One of our staff members at the Esoteric School tends to overwork. I won't go so far as to say a work-a-holic, but well if the shoe fits...  When not working for herself, she is constantly working for others. She is extremely competent and skilled in many areas, so it is easy for people to seek her out for help with a variety of projects. Our friend has been getting messages for a long time about needing to slow down, not work so hard and do more for herself instead of so much for others. This lesson, although recognized, has not completely taken hold with her. So this year the Universe through Magic 2012 decided it is time for her to really get it.

First she found herself being tired much of the time and being sick a lot, requiring her to rest more. That wasn't quite enough though for our resident work-a-holic to put down the work load. One of her many skills is working with horses. She is able to take a Mustang raised in the wild, bond with it and end up with not only a horse she can ride, but also participate in horse shows. The next message came in the form of being stepped on by one of her horses, Ouch! Down for a while, but still not a strong enough message to slow down this working girl.

On to the next message, a bit stronger this time. She gets kicked by the horse, is sore for quite a while and develops a bone spur. Still not enough to keep her down and out and the same amount of work goes on because after all how could the world go on without her doing her work and what would the people dependent on her do if she wasn't doing the things they need her to do?

Now the Universe is through messing around. It is time to bring out the two by four. Our friend now is thrown by one of her horses and the horse falls on her. The horse is fine and gets up, but our friend now has a collar bone broken in 2 places and her arm strapped across her chest for the next 4 months. The type of work she does will now be severely affected with the loss of the use of one arm. Doctor's orders are not to use that arm and must get plenty of rest for those 4 months for the break to heal. Lesson learned. It is time for her to not only take care of herself which means less work, less taking care of everybody else's problems and work, but to now allow all those others to help take care of her. And to her surprise the world has continued to function and most amazing of all is the way everyone is so willing to chip in and help her for a change.

Magic 2012: How to Avoid the Two By Four
The above example is just one of many that we have seen people go through in getting the lesson the Universe is trying to deliver. In every case, there was an easier, gentler way to get that message. But when ignored or put off, the Universe does persist. This year of Magic 2012 is especially potent and full of magical messages. Be conscious of this and look for the signs. If you have trouble reading the signs, ask the Universe for help reading them. Indicate that you are not being dismissive, but just need some help understanding. 
Here are some things you can do to ask the Universe for help in understanding:
  • Ask for guidance from totem animals. Then find out what the totem you see means.
  • Spend some extra time in meditation or quiet sitting focusing on the things that are happening in your life that cause you to believe there is a message you are missing. Listen to the voice inside you for guidance.
  • Do a Question Circle to get help from higher beings (see how at
  • Do a Tarot reading and take a look at your past, present and future lines. (we offer a homestudy Tarot class )
Knowing your astrological transits can also be helpful. If the lesson is learned before a transit arrives, you either won't have the catastrophe/chaos or will have some major issue, but will also find that you have the resources to handle it right there. Of course if you don't want to learn the lesson, you can always wait and get the Universal two by four.

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