Thursday, July 6, 2017

Want Some Magic Tomorrow? Imagine it Today!

Imagination Today = Magic Tomorrow

Most of us know that creative visualization is an important magical tool for attracting what we want in life. When I teach seminars on meditation and creative visualization, many attendees nod their heads and say, "Oh yes, I know about creative visualization and meditation."

But if you want some magic in your life, the question isn't whether or not you know about creative visualization. The question is, "Do you practice creative visualization?" If not, here's a quote that might help you realize the importance of practicing visualization as a magical tool on a daily basis. This quote is from one of our favorite teachers, Abraham-Hicks:

"Everything that you will some day live, in terms of life experience -- and by some day, we mean as soon as right now, tomorrow, the next day, or some day -- anything that you will some day live, you have first imagined. Because nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first."

Did you get that? Nothing will ever manifest in your life unless you imagine it first. Think about that. Hasn't your life so far been the translation of your imagination and beliefs into reality?

If so, then wouldn't it be worth your time to really spend time on creative visualization? Magic, like any other area of expertise, is a matter of practice. In magical circles, we say, "If you pay into your practice, it will pay you back!"

How much have you paid into your magical practice? How much do you pay into it daily? How much do you expect it pay you back? To get some magic into your life tomorrow, what might you be willing to do today?

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  1. Very thoughtfull post on self confidence.It should be very much helpfull

    Karim - Creating Power


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