Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sudden Health Crisis? Need a Magic Wand Tool?

We are being a little tongue in cheek, but magic can help with both--magic can help with a healing crisis and we can also teach you how to create a magic wand tool to use for healing.

How Magic Works 
Real magic isn't quite like you see in most of the fantasy shows on TV and in the movies, although you can accomplish many of things portrayed there. It usually just isn't done exactly the way the fictional characters do it. The first thing to know about how real magic works is that it follows the operating laws of the Universe. These laws govern everything and they exist whether you know them or not and whether you believe in them or not. The second thing is that everything in the Universe is made up of some combination of the four elements air, fire, water and earth. If you want to create anything in this Universe, you have to know the right mix of elemental ingredients. You have to know how much air, fire, water and earth need to be mixed into your creation and in what order they need to be mixed. On a more practical level that translates into what kind of thoughts (air), actions (fire), emotions (water) and resources (earth) need to go into your creation. The four elements are at the basis of magic which is why we start our beginning students off with an in-depth study of them.

Healing With Magic 
Magic gives you a shortcut to what you want. For example, if you are angry a lot of the time and you want to change this, you could spend months or years in therapy and that could work. But with magic you would understand that anger is the element Fire in a red-orange color. You would also know that decreasing the fire element in your energetic makeup to balance your red-orange energy on a regular basis will help you not be angry all the time and in a much shorter time-frame. Same thing is true with a physical illness. There are many different magical techniques that work for healing. You will find a wide variety of these in our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook. Healing with energy allows you to bring energy states which have become disharmonious back into natural balance. Sometimes this is done with magical tools like the magic wand tool and sometimes with the energetic vibrations of various types of plants. There are also techniques done with bare hands, through spellwork, sound, color, using simulacra and many more.

Magic Wand Tool
Why do we put "magic wand tool" in the title? Because a magic wand is a tool and just one of the things it can be used for is magical healing. Specifically, it is the tool that flows the element Air. A proper air magic wand is made of wood. It should be made from an Air-oriented wood so that it is able to handle Air energies. Light-weight and light-colored wood such as white pine, birch, peeled willow, or aspen are examples of good Air-oriented woods. Balsa wood on the other hand is light in weight, but is too soft to use for a wand. The wood needs to be hard enough to last and to handle the energies that will flow through it. Do not use glass, which has too much Water energy, or crystals which are an infinite-spectrum material making them hard to control, for making your wand.

The wood you will need for your wand is a limb that is about ¼ to 3/8 inch diameter from a live tree or recently fallen from a live tree. Don't forget to ask the tree for permission before taking its limb and do not use dowels or other types of processed wood sticks. When searching for the perfect limb, get one that is no thicker than your thumb and no smaller than your pinky. It also needs to be long enough to reach from about the bend in your elbow to the base of your middle finger and no longer than to the tip of your middle finger. The limb should be fairly straight without a lot of bends, curves or notches in it. Searching for the perfect limb can be a magical experience in itself. As you walk through a wooded area of trees take the time to be with nature and listen for a limb that 'calls' to you.

Making Your Own Wand 
After you find the perfect limb to make your own wand, you need to make the surface of it smooth. Peel off the bark and if needed, do some light sanding with a fine sandpaper to make it smooth with a satiny finish. Before doing the sanding, notice which end is the growing end of the limb and which end was nearest to the tree trunk. This is important because the growing end will be the tip of your wand and the end closest to the tree trunk will be the base of your wand. Using a knife, carve a notch in the base end of the wand and whittle a rounded off pointed tip at the tip end. Make sure the notch you carve in the base is open and large enough to allow Air energies to be easily drawn in. The notch will look like a V-shape in the end of the wand. The point should be a point, but rounded off so that it is not very sharp. If you have followed these directions, then you now have your own magic wand tool.

The Wand, as with other magical tools, is basically an extension of the magic practitioner's own energies. It allows us to handle more energies when doing air magic than we can with our hands alone. In other words, it extends or magnifies our "reach". This is one reason you want to make sure you "key" your wand before using it. To make it an extension of ourselves, it needs to be personalized to our own energies. Keying also aligns the molecules in our magical tools so that the energies flow only in certain directions and it clears out any junky or impure energies that may already exist in the materials of the tool. You can learn more about using the Wand in our Wand: Air Tool ebook.

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