Thursday, March 30, 2017

How To Live Your Hero's Life

Do you have a personal hero you really look up to? Would you like to be more like that person in your own life? You can. At the very least, you can begin to develop the abilities and attributes that you love in your hero in your own life.

When we see someone whom we'd like to emulate, what we're seeing is that person's archetype. We all wear archetypes around all the time. Most of us have separate archetypes for work, home life, family time, and play time. Archetypes are energy programs that have specific behaviors, attitudes, ways of talking, and abilities.

If you'd like to emulate your hero's archetype, the good news is that it's not that difficult. Two of the easiest ways to bring that archetype into your life are to either appear or act like that archetype.

Look at your hero and note a couple of key characteristics about his or her appearance. Is there something about you hero's hair, mode of dress, makeup, or expressions that really jumps out at you? Bring those appearance characteristics into your own life. For instance, if you're hero always wears large chunky jewelry, try that on for size. Or if your hero is often casually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, try that on. Practice their facial expressions in the mirror to get the feeling of them.

You can also bring your hero's actions or choices into your life. In any given situation, ask yourself, "What would my hero do or say in this situation?" Begin to speak and act like your hero. You might have to do some research to find out more about your hero before you can answer this question thoroughly.

Once you "key in" to your hero's actions or appearance, you will also bring all of your hero's other abilities and attributes into your life. In effect, you're "wearing" your hero around in your own life. It sounds a little wacky at first, but you'll see that it can be very effective.

One last thing...make sure you have a way to get back to yourself. Use a specific word, expression, appearance or action that is unique to your everyday persona as a way to "key in" to your own everyday personality. For instance, if you use the expression "Cool beans!" a lot, you can use this as a way to return to yourself. You want to wear your hero around at chosen times, but you still want to be able to be yourself as well!

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