Thursday, May 24, 2018

Magic Spells in Baby Steps

When people come to me with spellwork problems, there are some common errors that I see over and over. See my recent article about the three most common spellwork problems.

One thing that I notice on a regular basis with people who are not having success with magic spells is that they ignore a key magical principle crucial to a successful spell. It's this principle:

"A small change in the present creates a larger change in the future."

What Does a Small Change Mean in a Magic Spell?
When people first learn how to create and launch their own magic spells, they usually get so excited that they try to change the world overnight. I can tell you it's not going to happen. Magic can achieve a lot, but biting off more than you can chew can mean a failed spell.

So what does it mean to take baby steps when it comes to magic spells? It means casting a small spell, waiting to see a change, and then casting the next logical spell in the chain until you get to your desired result.

An Example of a Chain of Magic Spells
So here's an example. Let's say that you want to attract your soul mate into your life. You've been dating but haven't found the right person yet. In fact, all you've found are a bunch of the wrong people. Now you want to apply spellwork to the problem. How would you take baby steps? Here's a series that might work for you:

1. Realize that your soul mate is out there. Nothing in the Universe is impossible. You may want to incorporate an affirmation related to this in your daily life or meditation.

2. Define your soul mate on paper. List all the qualities that you want and don't want in a soul mate. In terms of a magic spell, this list is called Directors and Limiters. Put the list in a safe place to use later.

3. Law of Attraction tells us that if something isn't happening (like your soul mate hasn't shown up yet), that we are somehow blocking what we desire. Do some simple spell work to change yourself so that you are better able to attract your soul mate into your life. Hire some angels, use some flower essences (cayenne for rapid change, walnut for life transitions, mimulus if you have a specific fear of relationships, for example), or choose some magic symbols that will break down your resistance. One gal listed all her barriers to a soul mate on a sheet of paper (including her general air of pessimism about the subject and her fear of rejection), then burned it every day for 40 days as part of her morning meditation. She was literally burning up her barriers to a solid relationship with her soul mate. This worked well for her, as she met and became engaged to her soul mate within 3 months.

4. Now pull out your "soul mate" Directors and Limiters list and do some simple magic spells with it. You can put the list on a keyed plate under a strong magnet to attract that person to you. You can do a small ritual that involves tying the list to a helium balloon and literally "launch" your wishes into the sky. You can put the list in your "God Box" or "Universe Box" and let it do its thing.

In other words, do lots of little magic and allow the changes to happen over time. A small change in the present creates a larger change in the future. Each small magic spell or magical act you do will bring your soul mate closer to you. Take time between magical acts to let the spells you do take action. Allow the Universe to do the bulk of the work. Put your focus on relaxing and allowing, between-times. Most of all, enjoy and anticipate the magical result that is on it's way to you.

Want Help with Little Magical Acts?
Little magical acts, added up, are sometimes more effective at creating life change than the big spells. If you want some ideas on how to create and use your own little magical acts, check out the Quick Fixes and Daily Rituals ebooks. They have tons of little magical rituals and spells that produce big results. You can download a free copy of the Quick Fixes ebook at

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