Thursday, May 23, 2019

Getting Your Mind On Board Magically

To shamans, each person is a spirit with a mind and body. The mind and body are like magical tools for spirit to use. Just like other magical tools need to be keyed (programmed) or trained, the mind must be trained in order to be a helpful magical tool. We constantly take in thoughts, behaviors and responses from the environment which are not always aligned with our goals and aims. The untrained mind can throw magical monkey wrenches in the mix to keep us from achieving our goals.

Training Mind
Think about all the great ideas you come up with and make resolutions to do: lose 10 pounds, get that promotion at work, quit smoking... and the list goes on. You get off to a running start and then forget those promises to yourself or get distracted by a new list of priorities. This is a sign of mind taking over and that it is not trained to help you as a magical tool. So how do you go about training your mind? One way is through practicing segment intending.

Segment Intending
Segment intending is an exercise from Abraham Hicks ( that helps train your mind as a magical tool. Here's how it's done:
1. Pick a length of time for your "segment." It can be any length of time, but no more than an hour. Thirty minutes or an hour works well.

2. Decide exactly what time the segment will start and end.

3. Choose an aim for that segment. It could be a list of tasks, a state of being, or both. For instance, you might decide that you will strive to have a pleasant demeanor while you spend the next 30 minutes returning phone calls.

4. Once the time you chose to start your segment arrives, start on your chosen aim with no second thoughts. Put your attention solely on the tasks for that segment and nothing else.

5. If you get interrupted during your segment, you need to decide whether the interruption is important enough for you to stop your segment (for instance, if your boss calls you to come to his office). If the interruption is not important enough or can be delayed, keep going on your segment. If the interruption is important, make a conscious decision to stop your current segment and start a new one (one centered around the interruption).

Practice doing segments such as this all during the day. Each one is a training period for your mind. These segments will train your mind to assist you as a magical tool rather than dictating to you. The more you practice segment intending the more responsive mind will be to your needs as a spirit.

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