Thursday, September 13, 2018

Magical Element Water: Working On the Emotional Level

When first beginning to study magic, you learn that almost everything in this Universe is made up of some combination of the four magical elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. If you can understand the four elements directly, then you can understand anything in the Universe. In this article, we explore the magical element Water.

About the Magical Element Water
The magical element Water basically deals with emotions and "gut feelings". In many traditions, "gut feelings" are considered to be tools of spirit or communications of spirit. The magical element Water also involves feelings, intuition, compassion, empathy, sympathy, knowing, devotion, quest, aspiration, intention, appreciation, integrity, harmony, beauty, balance, serenity, fluidity, grief, apathy, joy, and love. So anytime you are looking at any of these type aspects you will be working with the magical element Water. An example of this might be if you are feeling depressed. Depression can be a sign that you are out of balance in your energetic Water. It may be dark and/or it may be stuck. If you recognize this as a symptom of your energetic Water being out of balance, then you will know that getting your Water moving can help raise your emotional tone and help you snap out of a funk or depression.

Correspondences for the Magical Element Water
Direction: West

Tool: Chalice or Cup

Elemental Spirit: Ondine or Undine

  • Physical – Water Blue
  • Emotional – Deep Blue
  • Spiritual – Blue Black

More about Undines
Undines can be seen in ponds of clear water with seaweed and moss on the bottom. They sometimes move through the seaweed swimming in a zigzag pattern, smoothly or forming a "V" of ripples across a pond. You can also see them in a wide river with mud or sand at the bottom. If you see a whirlpool develop, look for a place in it with no rock or sticks, and you can find an undine in the water above that spot. You may sometimes feel them brush up against you in water.

Shortages and Excesses of the Magical Element Water
Here are a few symptoms that will give you a clue as to whether you have an imbalance in your Water energy. It may be that you have too much of a particular type of Water energy or it could be that you do not have enough of a certain type of Water energy.

Water Shortages:
Water Blue –
-Body feels dry or hot
-Dry wit or humor
-Dry skin
-Dry cough
-Nervous or restless

Deep Blue –
-Narrow minded
-Experience lack of feelings

Blue Black –
-Lacking empathy
-Not trusting intuition
-Poor self-worth
-Suspicious of others

Water Excesses –
Water Blue –
-Puffiness or swelling
-Watery eyes
-Slow to respond
-Chronic fatigue

Deep Blue –
-Over emotional
-Lacking boundaries

Blue Black –
-Obsessive behaviors
-Not being in present time
-Abuse of others
-Self abuse

There are of course many more symptoms for each of these categories, more than can be addressed in this article, but these can give you an idea of what types of things to look for when considering whether your energetic Water needs balancing. We also have included the Blue Black color of spiritual correspondences to see the types of symptoms it can induce, but do not recommend working with this color (for safety reasons) unless you are a very experienced magical practitioner or shaman. If you are interested in learning more about using the magical element Water for healing, divination, psychic communications, balancing emotions and more, then our Magical Element Water Homestudy Short Course may be just what you are looking for.

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