Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Simple Magic and Its Power

People often email us wanting complex and powerful magic to fix some complex and powerful problem in their lives. This seems logical in a way: if you want to successfully "overcome" a significant life problem, you want your magical weaponry to match in power and strength.

On the other hand, there is this other magical principle that tells us miracles have no size. A miracle is a miracle. There aren't bigger miracles or smaller miracles. Miracles, having no explanation, don't have size either.

So if you have a giant life problem, you don't need a gonzo-sized miracle. Maybe what you need is just some simple magic. Simple magic, done repetitively and with strong intention, is a powerful way to manifest miracles. This is based on the magical principle that "a small change in the present creates a larger change in the future." Simple magic is that small change.

We have seen miracle after miracle appear when people practice one or more simple magic rituals for 40 days or more. These rituals take minutes, not days or hours to complete, so they are not time intensive. But simple rituals require dedication.

Need ideas for simple rituals? Check out the following:

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Have fun doing these simple magic rituals ... enjoy the simplicity!

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