Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Spell"check – When a Spell Isn't Working

First let's be clear on what is a spell. A spell is a psychic or magical operation that is programmed or uses combinations of the 4 elements to create a result over a period of time. It is a formalized intention. That would include chants, litanies, sonics and prayers.

A spell in an energy matrix that is programmed in certain ways towards a specific goal. Spells follow the path of least resistance and therefore you need to have directors and limiters included in the creation to make sure you do not bind other persons or cause harm to any other beings in order for your goal or aim to be reached.

Here are some things to check when you think your spell isn't working:
  • Did you include a time frame? If not, you may just need to be patient and know that the magic is working and the spell is still in progress.
  • Are you anxious, worried, angry, depressed or putting some other negative emotional charge on the situation? These can slow the magic down and cause delays. Avoid negative situations and environments so that these are not influencing your focus on your intention.
  • What is the level of your being right now? We know that the level of your being attracts the level of your life; therefore it could be the Universe is trying to deliver your desire, but you are unable to receive it presently. You can increase the level of your being by concentrating on consciously performing even simple daily acts instead of going through your day by habit or rote.
  • Could others be attempting to manifest something opposite of your goal that is causing interference? You may need to cut psychic lines from these people so that their desires and energies are not influencing you.
  • Is what you are trying to manifest now contrary to an earlier aim? It could be that you were on an entirely different path and need to take that matrix down before you are able to create what you now want.
  • Are your directors and limiters not specific enough or possibly too restrictive? You have to have a balance in place that makes it very clear and specific what you are creating without being too restrictive in how the creation is to be manifested.
  • Are you allowing interference from others or yourself? Is someone around you planting doubts in your mind or are your own archetypes or beliefs causing you to stand in the way?
  • How is your inner landscape? It may be that you are over anxious and need to create some quiet space inside yourself. Meditation is good for this.
  • Are you following the Prime Directive? The Prime Directive is that other beings can't interfere in your life. If you doubt magic will cause a change in your life, that becomes the dominant intention. Turn your doubts over to a higher being or power, take your mind off it by doing something to relax or occupy your time and get out of your own way so the magic can work.

As always with spellwork, remember to think it through. The safest spells are those you create yourself as you know where they have come from and that there is nothing hidden in them and make sure you create a good set of directors and limiters. Magic always works. Just be sure not to get your own way and let it happen. When you do feel the urge just run it through the above "spell"check.

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  1. I just want to add that after reading your article I learned some very important infoabout my spell. I am waiting on a particular spell to work but being without my love has me depressed and I am overly anxious to see results. How can I calm myselfto allow the work to be done?

    1. You can always ask the Universe for a sign that your magic is working or to get more specific information to settle your mind, you can do a Tarot reading around the spell to see if it is working. Did you see these articles? They may help:


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