Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Magic of Running Water to Remove Negative Emotions

Once upon a time, when I felt quite depressed and "stuck" in my life, a wise shaman and magical practitioner told me to walk in the rain by running water. She told me that the running water would carry away my depression and negative emotions. The rain would bring fresh emotions and insight to me. One rainy day in Boulder, CO I did walk in the rain by a fast-running creek. The combination worked and I felt immediately better: refreshed and positive.

I recently got to try that experience again, in Zion National Park, where we just spent 2 weeks playing in the wonders of nature. Twice we hiked the Narrows (that's me in the picture), a hike that took us up the Virgin River through towering canyon walls. The water was clear, fast, and purifying. We hiked 3 miles upstream, then came 3 miles back downstream. When I emerged from the Narrows, I felt spiritually refreshed, as if I had just done a walking meditation. I wasn't feeling particularly negative before I hiked the Narrows, but even so I felt the magic of running water to refresh and rejuvenate.

What's the Magic of Running Water?
The shaman who gave me the advice was quite accurate from a magical point of view. Magically, the element water represents emotions, which are the language of Spirit. In addition, moving water has the ability to carry the elements air and fire. The element air magically represents thoughts, while fire represents will and action. So, by walking in running water and consciously "letting go" of negative thoughts, tension in the body, and negative emotions, you have a magical outlet for unwanted "gunky" energies.

One magical caveat here is that for this to work, you need to have running water, not standing water. Standing water is stagnant, and therefore doesn't do a great job of carrying negativity away from you. Standing water can receive negative energy from you, but it requires a lot of effort on your part to push that energy into the water.

Using Standing Water to Clear Negative Energies
There is, however, one way you can effortlessly use standing water to magically clear negative energy. Put a  glass of water on your bedside table before you go to bed at night. During the night, the water will absorb any thoughts and emotions your release during the night. When you sleep, you are more open spiritually, which allows the standing water to more easily absorb your negative energies.

When you get up in the morning, dump the water down the drain. Do not drink it, as you will just reabsorb all the energies you released during the night. Many people find that using this technique 21 nights in a row is an effective way to clear negative energies and create sacred space.

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  1. I can say the same thing about swimming in a pool. Although it is not a natural body of water, it is very soothing. The water is filtered and circulated. It is also replenished with water from a hose connected to a city water supply.

    I live in a rural area with not much in the way of recreation facilities. I am thousands of miles away from anything as wonderful as Zion National Park.

    I have been swimming nearly every day for the last couple of weeks in a private pool in another town, to get relief from the summer heat in hot and humid Texas. Not doing laps, but paddling around, staring at the clouds, and emptying my mind of worries.

    I get out and take a shower and change clothes. It washes away negative emotions, as you said, and is tiring, relaxing and refreshing. I can see through the water with my goggles and that is calming because I don't have to worry about animals or germs.


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