Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stretch Just a Little to Get a Lot

If you're ready to have a lot more of what you want in life, here's a nifty little surprise for you: you don't have to sell your soul or sit at the feet of a guru for the next 20 years - you just have to stretch a little more. Most of us think that doing more, working harder, or having a stronger will can get us what we want. Maybe, and maybe not.

There's an esoteric principle that says when we really want something and we throw the entire might of our will behind that desire, we run into a brick wall. We arrive at resistance rather than paradise. It's called second force. We've all felt the frustration of running into second force.

So how do you get around second force? By being crafty. Instead of going full tilt at what you want, reserve a certain small part of yourself for doing another exercise. This exercise should be very simple in concept, but require you to stretch and be conscious throughout the day.

For instance, if you normally open doors with your right hand, start opening doors with your left hand. If you usually look straight ahead or down as you walk, start looking left and right as well as forward. If you resist exercise, take a 5 minute walk twice a day. Do something simple that is the opposite of what you normally do.

This exercise asks you to stretch just a little - how hard can it be to open a door with your opposite hand? But it gives you a lot of mileage toward your goals. The exercise does two things: it forces you to be conscious, which increases your ability to manifest, and it diverts some of your attention away from what you want, avoiding the second force.

Most importantly, though, this exercise is simple. With life getting more and more complex every day, wouldn't be nice to do something simple that really works? For more simple magic that works check out our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook and be sure to get our free Magical Quick Fixes ebook.

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