Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Magical Ritual to Help You See Your Financial Blind Spots

We've been talking about how to attract money and establish a good relationship with money and your thoughts about it in order to pre-pave the way for the Universe to deliver it to you lately in some of  our blog articles. What if you really have no idea though about why the money you desire is just not coming to you? It may be that when it comes to financial issues, you have a blind spot and aren't able to see what issues are affecting you. This is when it is helpful to get some help from higher powers and beings and using rituals are a great way to do this. One of the rituals you'll discover in our Daily Rituals to Attract What You Want in Life ebook is the Question Circle. This ritual helps you address the beings of the four directions for help and guidance. To do this ritual you will need to gather a Sun Yellow Candle that can easily be carried from place to place, wooden or paper matches to light the candle, a pen, and notebook or paper. After you gather your materials, here's how to do the Question Circle ritual:

1. Locate the directions north, south, east and west. Use a compass if you need to in order to assure you have the directions correct.

2. Create a circle of space about 5-10 feet in diameter.

3. Sit in the South side of your circle facing to the North with your Sun candle in front of you.

4. Light your candle with the wooden or paper matches, hold your hands above and around the flame of the candle and charge the candle by saying:
"Child of wonder, child of flame, nourish my spirit and protect my aim."

5. Now take your candle, pen and paper with you and go sit in the center of your circle facing to the East.

6. Write down your question which in this case might be "what blind spots do I have in regards to finances" or "what is blocking the flow of money from coming to me" or "what's the best way to get a job".

7. Take the next 3-5 minutes to let the question just sit in your mind. Don't try to answer it, just sit with it.

8. Next, take your sun candle, paper and pencil with you and move to the East perimeter of your circle. Set your candle down in front of you and ask the question you wrote down out loud to the East. Be prepared for a flurry of information to come at you usually faster than you can write it all down.

9. Start writing everything you get until no more information is coming. Thank the direction of the East and move in a clockwise direction to the next direction which would be the South.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 in each direction, moving clockwise to each direction when finished with the previous one. In other words you will start with East as we have outlined, then proceed to repeat the process with South, then West, then North.

11. After you finish the process with North, go back and sit in the center of the circle facing the East and send thanks out all the way around the circle and blow out your candle.

Doing this ritual, you will find that you receive different types of information from the various directions. This is because the beings in the different directions all specialize in certain areas. For example, the East will give you information about communication, planning and ideas. South will give you guidance on steps of action to take, will-power energy and desire. From the West you will get feelings and spirit guidance and the North will give you more practical steps to take. Some of our advanced students recently did Question Circles and even we were amazed at the clear and specific information they received from each of the quarters on their given questions.

Like the Beatles song says, sometimes we need a little help from our friends. Daily rituals can help you make friends and allies of higher powers and beings which can bring truly magical things to your life.

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  1. Whenever i light a sun candle and I try to extinguish after 30-60 minutes it does not wan to blow out. What does this mean? Should I blow out a Sun Candle or use your fingers to put out the flame?

    1. In our tradition we blow out the candle as snuffing it out cuts off the energy. There are traditions however that do believe in snuffing the candle rather than blowing it. You can certainly try that and see what results you get. "Feel" the energy in the room after doing it both ways and see which resonates with you the best. It could also be that the area has a lot of junky energies and you are getting a message that the area needs more positive energy. You might try doing a 4 Element Cleansing and then see if the candle is easier to blow out.


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