Thursday, February 12, 2015

Madder Than a Mashed Cat? Try a Voodoo Doll

When we say "Try a voodoo doll," we don't necessarily mean that you should get a voodoo doll and stick it full of pins. There are much better ways to magically use voodoo dolls. For instance, if you have a spiteful neighbor who keeps infringing on your sacred space, you can use voodoo, a specialized branch of magic, to keep your neighbors and their junky energies on their own property--literally! Have an angry boss? You can use magical voodoo to ensure that he or she never visits your office when angry. No pins or needles needed. Get the scoop in our Voodoo ebook!

The Voodoo Doll
After all a voodoo doll is simply a magical simulacrum. A simulacrum is a likeness of an object, person or thing that you want to affect magically. Once you key the simulacrum to a particular person, object or thing, whatever you do to it also affects that which it is keyed to. This is very useful for doing healing and other magical work on someone who is not physically present. You can make a simulacrum or voodoo doll of that person, key it to him or her and use magical healing techniques on the doll that will work on someone across the country just like if you were doing those techniques on them with them in the same room. A voodoo doll is often used as a simulacrum for a person because according to the Law of Similarity, the greater the likeness (between a simulacra and what it is keyed to) the greater the resonance or connection. For this reason, photos and pictures of actual people also can make good simulacra. The doll just sometimes makes it easier for techniques such as those for healing because it gives you the parameters of a body with arms, legs and so forth to work on.

Using Voodoo to Diffuse Your Anger
Once you have a simulacrum picked out and have it keyed to the person that is doing something to anger you, there are several magical procedures you can do. This gives you an alternative to forming a negative reaction or getting in a physical or verbal fight with that person. One magical technique for dealing with someone harassing you or adding strife to your life is to put the simulacrum of them in your Chalice. This will confine them and you can even talk to them on a spiritual or psychic level to reason with them. You can also use a keyed Plate and Chalice to separate the two of you. To do this you will need a simulacrum for each of you, put the one of yourself inside the Chalice on the Plate and put the simulacrum for the other person on the Plate but outside the Chalice. Envision the person on the outside trying to get to the person on the inside and unable to do so with their energy bouncing off the Chalice. In the real world this will cause the person outside to leave the protected person alone.

Another magical technique is to put the simulacrum of the person that is exhibiting negative energy or doing harm to you or your sacred space under the Chalice. In this case envision their negative energies bouncing back to them inside the Chalice unable to get out into the world. If this is a person that is extremely negative or powerful you can line the Chalice with aluminum foil (shiny side facing the inside of the Chalice) and you can deal with even more extreme situations by writing verses that program the shield you've created to bounce back certain kinds of energy and only letting positive, uplifting or loving energies out.

For both these operations you can use a regular Chalice and Plate, the Water tool and the Earth tool respectively, or key a cheese dome or cake dome with a matching plate like you would a Chalice and Plate and use them. That gives you a larger tool to work with that can accommodate a larger simulacrum.

If you don't have a magical Chalice and Plate available you can use a quick shield method without them. Key your simulacrum to the person you want to affect and use your finger starting at the top of the simulacrum to start tracing a downward spiral in a clockwise motion going around the simulacrum twice. This makes a dynamic shield and starts it moving. You can also envision the unwanted behaviors or energies bouncing off this shield unable to escape into the outside world.

So next time you face a situation like this, don't get mad, don't get even, just get magical. Magic can solve so many of our everyday problems and let us live the lives we want to. For more great voodoo magic techniques and information check out our How To Do Voodoo ebook.

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