Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Keep Getting Burned by the Same Problems?

If you are predominantly a fire element person then you have personality characteristics of being energetic, full of life, enthusiastic and achievement-oriented. More than likely you are a natural leader, creative and action oriented. Fire personalities tend to have birth visions such as do, achieve, or create. These are all great characteristics of a person, but they can also lead to quickly becoming impatient and irritated when frustrated by a lack of action. People with fire element personality characteristics also often act first and ask questions later which can lead to problems for them.

If the same problems involving impatience, frustration, the slow speed of life, and lack of passion tend to keep showing up and burning you time after time, then chances are high that you are a Fire element personality. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a couple of things that may help those of you dominant in the Fire element.

  • Impatiens Flower Essence - This flower essence can be used for emotional cleansing and bringing the body into harmony. It helps with nervousness and anxiety. It can help you relax, have sympathy for a situation or person, help calm you down, and allow you to be more diplomatic. Basically it helps you slow down and keeps you from being so impatient.
  • Big Burn Ritual – This ritual can help to soothe your Fire element personality characteristic's need for extremes by burning up your frustration or by sending a message to the Universe to speed things up. You can see generally how to do the Big Burn HERE. Specifically for you Fire element people, write on your paper those things that are causing you frustration. Write as fast as you can, everything that is leading to your impatience and making you irritable or angry. Then do the Big Burn. If your frustration is stemming from things moving just too slow for you, as an alternative, you can write on your paper a message to the Universe asking for help in accomplishing something quicker. Then when you do the Big Burn, use your intention by putting it into the smoke as it rises taking your request with it.

Being a Fire element personality can be challenging at times. Understanding the fire element characteristics can help you plan situations, projects, careers, and relationships that will work well for you and those that won't. Our Magical Element Fire homestudy course will give you an in-depth study of the Fire element. With this magical knowledge, Fire element personalities can learn how to be successful and avoid getting burned by the same type of problems over and over.

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