Thursday, July 24, 2014

Magical Newbie? Get the Downlow on Magic and How to Study It

It seems like we get more and more emails all the time from people just discovering the world of real magic and wanting to know how to study magic. We think it's great that the word is continuing to spread and more people are showing an interest in magical studies. Of course when it comes to magic, there are numerous traditions that one can study. We suggest that newbies look through our website and blog articles to get an idea of the type of magical studies and traditions that we offer. But no matter what tradition you end up finding that resonates with you, learning about the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire is always a good place to start. Since everything in the Universe is comprised of the 4 elements, they are literally part of everything else you will study in magic.

Starting with the 4 Elements
In general the magical tradition that you choose to follow will define how to study by what types of resources are available. Since the 4 elements are at the foundation of magical studies, we start our Basic Magic class students off by teaching them indepth information about the correspondences and characteristics of each of the elements. They then use each element with its various colors and each of its characteristics in a practical way so as to develop personal experience with each. This same information is available to all in short courses of each element on multi-media cd. After the 4 elements have been mastered, students can then move on to studies that include:
  • Universal Laws that govern magical practice
  • Hand Magic and Self Defense
  • Magical Tools: Firebowl, Wand, Athame, Chalice and Plate
  • Divination
  • Tarot
  • Sonics
  • Spellwork
More Magic for Newbies
One important point to make to newbies is that magic is an ongoing study. It is not a quick study and for the true magician it becomes a way of life. And though there are various magical traditions that have differences in their ways and practices, there are also many similarities between them. It is pretty universal that magic gives us the ability to communicate with beings on all levels, gives us a connection with nature and spirit beings, gives us direct experience with the workings of the Universe including co-creating to manifest that which we desire, and is a path of spiritual growth. Magic as practiced at the Esoteric School is also defined as:
  • a precision science
  • the science of deliberate creation.
  • the science of effective prayer.
  • the science of manifesting Higher Will on the energetic and material planes
  • the science of heightened awareness, selective perception, and dynamic, harmonious relationships.
  • the study of intention (as per Aleister Crowley, one of the greatest magicians).
  • the system of creation, not coercion.
If all this sounds good to you, you can get your magical feet wet with our Kindle Book, Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners. To find out more about the magical studies we offer and how to study magic visit our How To Study Magic section of our website for a more extensive look at magical topics. After all it's never too late to make magic a part of your life. 

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