Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Magic for When Someone is Acting Like a Donkey's Butt

Can you use magic when someone is treating you badly, invading your privacy or sacred space or just rather acting like a donkey's butt? As long as you make sure you are on the right side of the Rules of the Road, the rules for magical self defense, and have done nothing to provoke the situation, then you certainly can. There are several means of self-defense magic that you can use in this matter, but using simulacra or voodoo magic is another option. You can learn more about voodoo or simulacra magic in our How to Do Voodoo ebook, but here is a technique one of our mentors used when he discovered a "watcher" had been placed in his home.

What is a Watcher?
Before getting to the voodoo technique; a little history. What exactly is a watcher? There are magical practitioners that can create energy matrices that look like insects such as flies, wasps or ants or they animate the actual bodies of small insects that have died. They use these forms because they are able to slip through your shields and omnils that you have around your home for protection. They are usually used to spy on you or influence you and are therefore called watchers. Watchers many times are thought forms that are sent by others. Since thought forms are connected to the body with a silver cord, they can be dangerous when cut. Cutting one of these cords causes it to snap back at the person and can sometimes result in death. If you suspect you may have a watcher around you, look for signs such as an insect that shows up in a place it could not have naturally gotten to, one that does not have the right numbers of legs and wings that it should naturally have, or if it travels in a straight line or follows you around the house.

Testing For a Watcher
There are a few different techniques you can use as a test to see if you do have a watcher and possibly find out who sent it. Here is the technique we promised to pass on from our mentor.

Use your Chalice, the magical tool for the Water element, to first capture the suspected watcher. The Chalice is a type of standing shield that is as effective as an omnil so anything captured in it becomes confined and isolated. When you see the suspected watcher being still, put your Chalice upside down over it. Then slide a thin cardboard piece under the Chalice and holding the cardboard over the top of the cup, turn the Chalice to an upright position. Now you have captured the watcher and can inspect it more closely through the Chalice. If you want to find out who sent it, you can do like our mentor did and tape the cardboard down over the top of the cup so that it doesn't escape, then pack it up and send it literally on a slow boat to China. Once he did this, all he had to do was look around at people he knew for signs of seasickness or nausea. Once he found the person who had these symptoms for several months, he knew that he did indeed have a watcher and exactly who had sent it. This works because the sender did not disconnect from the watcher before it was trapped and so whatever was done to the watcher had the same effect on the sender. It is like a simulacra that is keyed to a particular person or a voodoo doll. For this reason, you do need to be careful and make sure you are within your magical rights when planning what you will do to the watcher.

To learn more about simulacra or voodoo magic and watchers as well as various techniques to use with them all, check out the How to Do Voodoo ebook. There is so much you can magically accomplish with this fascinating study.

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