Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Learn Magic: Free Online Tutorial

Since magic doesn't just come naturally to many people and since there are so many magical topics that can be studied, we offer a free online tutorial on how to learn magic. Magic is a study of using intention and a system of creation as well as a precision science – the science of:
  • deliberate creation
  • effective prayer
  • manifesting Higher Will
  • heightened awareness
  • selective perception
  • dynamic, harmonious relationships
In deciding how to learn magic, you must be familiar with how Universal Law works and the Rules of the Road (laws that govern magical practice). Magical practice also requires an understanding of the 4 elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Other basic topics include:
  • Hand magic
  • Magical self defense
  • Using the magical tools – firebowl, wand, athame, chalice and plate
  • Divination
  • Tarot
  • Sonics
  • Spellwork
These are all basics that one must learn before continuing magical study. From there, many topics are available from healing to creating and performing rituals and communicating with higher powers and beings. Magic opens you up to a new way of living and takes you on a path of spiritual growth. It becomes a way of life as well as a study of all the various magical topics that can be explored according to your interests. For example, if you are interested in healing work, you can study using magical tools with the 4 elements for healing then perhaps move on to studying the use of crystals in healing, learn how to do long-distance healing techniques or learn how to make your own plant based tinctures. As you learn these various techniques and follow your magical passions, you also learn more about yourself, deliberate creation and how to manifest that which you desire in your life.

The first step towards all of this is deciding that you want to start living a magical life and finding out how to learn magic. Take a look at our free tutorial and see if that helps you to get started. You can also join our mailing lists to get our latest posts and see what topics we cover that resonate with you. If you already know of a specific interest that you haven't seen us cover, leave us a comment on Facebook suggesting a topic you'd like to see written about. Any act of intention is a magical act, so set your intention to explore how to learn magic and you will be on your way to a magical way of life.

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