Thursday, January 12, 2017

Invest in Magical Treasure

Magical treasure often inspires visions of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or a pirate chest of jewels and silver, but we'd like to offer you another way to think about magical treasure. Some spiritual traditions define treasure as "small things that are uniquely pleasing and satisfying to you, and you alone." This makes magical treasure a very individual thing as it varies from person to person. What one person might consider pleasing and satisfying, another person will not.

Some Types of Magical Treasure
Some examples of magical treasure might include:

Activities – hiking, building models, involvement in a book club, having grandchildren visit for the summer, ...

Pampering – taking time and spending money to have manicure/pedicure, visit a spa, relaxing in a nice hotel and ordering room service, ...

Items – new shoes, four-wheeler, fishing equipment, woodworking tools, ...

Companion animals – spending time with dog or cat, riding your horse, ...

You may have noticed that none of these examples is necessary in order to live your life. If you did not have these treasures, your life would continue on in its normal fashion. Your treasure does however bring you great inner satisfaction each time you interact with it or even think about or see it. For example, if you had a professional manicure you have the inner satisfaction that occurred when you had it done which then continues every time you look at your hands. This small continuing inner satisfaction is the gift that treasure brings to you.

How Investing in Magical Treasure Pays-Off
There is usually some type of money required for these treasures that is a noticeable amount, but not so much that it is stressful. So how does this investment pay-off? When you experience feelings of pleasure and satisfaction you are aligning yourself with the Universe and inviting it into your life. You put yourself in a place of allowing the Universe to help you with life. Here's a real life example of how this works with one of my treasures. I spend $5.00 each workday morning at a coffee shop for coffee and a danish before going to work. This treasure ends up costing around $100 to $125 a month. I enjoy not only the excellent coffee and Danish, but also the energy of being around the types of people I encounter there. Enjoyment of this treasure leads me to being more productive when I get to work so that I am able to increase my earnings. So whereas I may invest $100 a month on my treasure, I reap the benefits in producing work that leads to several hundred dollars profit. In addition, the pleasure this small treasure gives me puts me in a place that I am aligned with the Universe and open to receiving the gifts and benefits it can offer me.

Finding Your Treasure
As we mentioned before, this type of treasure is also very individual. What you may consider treasure, another may consider frivolous or even unpleasant. When it comes to magical treasure though it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. It is only important for you to discover what your treasure is. Knowing your own magical treasures gives you a way to approach life from an attitude of using small ways and means to bring you consistent satisfaction. Take some time to consider what things really do give you that inner glow or inner feeling of satisfaction. You may need to experiment with some things that you find enjoyable and really tune in to your inner state to judge if they are truly a treasure for you or not.

Once you find your magical treasure, make the commitment to consistently indulge yourself with it. If it is an expensive treasure, then you do need to take your financial situation into account and be reasonable about how often you can indulge so that you assure success in being continually satisfied with it. Doing something now that you will end up regretting in the future will not be helpful. But even something that seems a bit over-budget and over-indulgent can pay-off because indulgence that brings satisfaction is the goal behind treasure. Positioning yourself to be in alignment with the Universe will magically transform your life, so investing in the treasure that will keep you there is an investment that magically pays back.

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