Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Magickal Healing: Fact or Fiction?

If you have ever performed or experienced or watched some kind of magickal healing, then you likely wondered whether you could do magickal healing at all or on a higher level. I share the story below about my grandmother being healed magickally as an example that magickal healing powers are around us all the time, and we need only know how to access it to perform healing on ourselves and others.

My Grandmother's Magickal Healing
My paternal grandmother had always been as healthy as a horse. She walked miles every day well into her late 80s, and she was constantly showing people how she remained flexible enough to bend over and touch her toes without bending her knees.

But one winter my grandmother developed a rather serious case of pneumonia. The doctors kept her in the hospital for weeks before finally allowing her to go home, despite the fact that she still had a severe cough, difficulty breathing, and a mild allergic reaction to the medications they prescribed for her. Once settled back into her own home, my grandmother failed to recover from pneumonia. The antibiotics only seemed to make her nauseous without diminishing any of her actual symptoms. This situation went on for several weeks before a Chinese healer, traveling from California, came to visit my grandmother in Texas.

The Healer's Magick
This healer (Master Wei) had some drastic experiences in his life that gave him a unique view of the existence and accessibility of healing magick. When he was 17, this healer was riding his bike down one of the main thoroughfares of Taipei. A car swerved into him with such force that he was thrown upwards from his bicycle and flew upwards until he was level with the second floor of a nearby building. When he landed, he was in bad shape. Although the ambulance and other rescue services were prompt, there was little they could do for him. The crash had caused a break in his spinal cord, and his doctors told him he would never be able to walk again or sire any children.

Luckily, Master Wei's mother was also a healer; a healer who worked with energy, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and a particular form of Chinese bodywork. Using every health technique at her disposal, she worked with him daily until he could stand by leaning on crutches or canes. His mother then sought the help of a qi gong master, Master Bai. Master Bai helped the 17 year old to feel the energy in different parts of the body, and find areas of blockage. Master Bai then taught Master Wei various qi gong techniques to be practiced daily until Wei could stand straight and still on his own. From this experience, Master Wei developed a healing technique that allowed him to pull whatever energetic "medicine" he needed from the ethers or the air.

The Magickal Healing
Once Master Wei arrived at my grandmother's house, he immediately walked to her bedside and told her, "I will help you clear out all the negative energies from past events that are causing your illness. You are literally choking on the effects of events in your past which have been very difficult to bear. However if you do not release these negative energies you will remain ill. I will also give you fresh and reviving energy to help you recover your strength and vitality."

What happened next was quite amazing to see. To begin with, my grandmother lay propped up by pillows, with long coughing spells that were extremely painful. The Master began to run his hands up and down the length of Grandmother's body, always keeping his hands about six to eight inches above her body. As he scanned her body energetically, he would stop whenever he felt an energetic "blockage." Then he would close his fingers (or sometimes his entire fist) around the energy, yank the energy away from my grandmother's body with some force, and put it in his pocket.

Once he had finished removing all the major negative energy blockages, he began grabbing various energetic medicines from the air. He then pushed these "handfuls" of energy into various parts of my grandmother's body, explaining the purpose of each fistful of medicinal energy. Some were for strengthening her lungs while others supported her heart, calmed her liver, re-activated her digestion, and eased her mind so she could sleep peacefully.

Once the master was done with his treatment, he left the room and went outside. He seemed to commune with certain beings, and then transfer the bunches of negative energy that he had pulled from my grandmother to these spirits. He explained that these particular spirits were responsible for safely recycling negative energy on the planet into more useful and positive forces.

Magickal Healing for the Rest of Us
Although my grandmother has passed on, I still have contact with Master Wei from time to time. For instance, when my mother broke almost all of the bones in her foot, she wanted to travel to Taiwan to receive certain types of healing not available in the U.S. She consulted with Master Wei who strongly advised against a plaster cast, as this would inhibit energy flow. Instead, he grabbed some energy from the air and fashioned an energetic cast around my mother's broken foot. She said that it felt like her foot and lower leg were supported by a warm and fuzzy pillow. With the aid of a crutch she was able to make the plane trip to Taiwan, where she promptly received six months of healing--all varieties of energetic healing. To this day, my mother has never had a problem with her foot. Although the doctors in the Emergency Room warned her that her foot would be useless and paralyzed without surgery, she was able to use universal healing energy to heal her foot without surgery.

The good news for the rest of us, most of whom probably are not qi gong masters, is that energetic healing can be done by every single person on the planet. Check out our article library for many posts on healing or take a look at our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook. In addition, look for more articles on energetic healing techniques that anyone can use. That means you!

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