Thursday, April 7, 2016

Magically Tame Your Temper

Even if you have a long fuse and are known for being level-headed, you most likely have fits of temper. It's rare to find a person who doesn't get frustrated or angry enough to lose their temper from time to time, and in fact blowing off a little steam (safely) is actually rather healthy in many respects.

But if you have a hot temper (and that explosive nature gets you in trouble more often than you would like), you can try these three magickal fixes for reducing your rage before it explodes. These three simple methods can be done as a part of your everyday life, and most people won't even realize you're doing magick. People may simply notice that you are more even-tempered with each passing day.

Magick Tip #1 Start Your Day or End Your Day Cool and Collected
Whether you tend to shower or bathe at the beginning or end of your day, water is a great way to reduce your temper. Magickally speaking, the element Water can be an effective method for dumping Fire energy (Fire energy is the fuel behind anger and hot tempers). If you take showers, stand so that the shower water hits you right at the base of your neck and flows down to cover most of your body. Then say the litany below, out loud and in a voice of command. If you take baths, wait until you are done with your bath and use the same litany as the bath water drains from the tub (remaining seated and allowing the water to swirl around you). With either method, envision the colors yellow orange and red orange flowing out of your body and being carried down the drain by the water. Below is the litany to use:

"All the tension and all the pain
All the anger and all the flame
Now flow with water down the drain!"

If the first round of the litany does not seem to rid you all your tension, pain, or anger, feel free to repeat litany as many times as you like. This litany works even better if you stand or sit in cool or cold water as you say the litany.

Magick Tip #2 Avoid Fire Color Clothing
Another simple magickal way to avoid heating up your temper is to dress cool... that is, avoid Fire colors. Magically speaking, the Fire colors to avoid are yellow-orange, red-orange, bright red, deep red, and purple. Sun Yellow (a bright yellow with no orange or red undertones) is the only "safe" Fire color that will not heat up your temper. However, note that some people tend to absorb and downgrade Sun Yellow to red or yellow orange, which can worsen one's temper. Experiment with Sun Yellow clothing and take note of the level of your temper.

Great colors to wear to reduce and cool a bad temper include sky blue, white, light water blue, and grass green. Avoid deep blues as this is the magickal color of deep-seated often negative issues. Stay with light water blue colors to be safe.

Magick Tip #3 Dump the Fire
If you find yourself about to lose your temper, despite using the two magickal tips above, try this simple magickal technique. Find an electrical outlet or light switch or large appliance (such as a refrigerator in the break room at work) and place your dominant hand (the one with which you point) on any of these objects. Then simply flow all the unwanted Fire energy (most likely yellow orange or red orange... think construction colors) into the outlet, switch or large appliance. Do not flow this type of energy into small electronic devices or surge protectors, as this could result in an electrical short.

If you have difficulty envisioning the Fire colors flowing down your arm and into the outlet or switch or appliance, simply think of all the things that make you angry, and push that energy down your arm. You may be surprised to feel the outlet or appliance or switch actually "pulling" the energy through your arm. In fact, Fire energy is easy to push, and is easily pulled into electrical grounds such as outlets and appliances.

When you feel the flow of Fire energy stop, or if you start to get tired or feel cold, stop flowing the energy first. Then remove your hand. Flowing too much Fire energy can result in tiredness, hunger, or chills later. When in doubt, stop flowing and remove your hand from the electrical ground. You can always try again later if you find you still have an excess of Fire energy.

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