Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Universal Laws for Magicians for Shamans

Universal laws ... do they exist? Go to enough magical and shamanic seminars and you may start to wonder.

At one seminar you may learn that you can't use magic or shamanism for personal gain. At another workshop they teach you to use daily rituals for nothing BUT personal gain. So who is right and which set of universal laws should you follow?

It is a confusing situation to be sure ... but rest assured that there are universal laws that do govern magical and shamanic practice, and these laws work according to our own experience and observation.

Universal Laws and Rules of the Road
Universal laws are critical for practitioners of magic and shamanism, lest the rituals and spells you launch come back to bite you in the rear!

The best set of universal laws we have seen and lived by are those created by George Dew, co-founder of the Church of Seven Arrows. He called his version of universal laws the "Rules of the Road." These universal laws are sweet, simple, and to the point. Thank you George!

Want to know what these universal laws are? Check them out here.

Universal Laws: Don't Just Follow Them Stupidly
George Dew gave us a set of universal laws and we have "put the rubber to the road," so to speak, to ensure that they actually "work." We can assure you that our experience shows that these universal laws are good, useful, and true.

But that's not good enough. As a shamanic or magical practitioner, you need to verify for yourself whether these universal laws are going to work for you and your practice. Don't take our word for it. Try out these universal laws ... consider it a magical experiment, if you will, and record your results carefully.

After that, you can decide whether these universal laws are ones that you want to follow.

Universal Laws and More
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