Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to Do Voodoo: Heal Communication Rifts with Voodoo Dolls

If you know how to do voodoo magic then you have a powerful tool to help heal communication rifts between people. Using voodoo dolls as simulacra you can get two people who are arguing a lot or just not communicating well talking again. This is one of the techniques in our How To Do Voodoo ebook and here's how it works. 

1. Make a simulacra to represent each person. For this procedure voodoo dolls or small statues or figurines work best. For some voodoo techniques actual pictures of the people are good, but this technique works best with a 3-D figure that can be standing up. 

2. Key a separate simulacrum for each person that you want to affect. You key the simulacra by holding it in your output hand (hand you point with) and thinking about everything you know about the person. You will know the simulacrum is keyed when it feels warm, heavy or tingly. 

3. Set the two keyed simulacra on your Plate (Earth tool) facing each other. 

4. Use your Wand (Air tool) to create a beam of white air energy. Project the beam in through the back of the 1st person's voodoo doll head and out through the front of the 2nd person's voodoo doll head. 

5. From the other side of the plate, use your Wand to project a beam of Sky Blue air energy in through the back of the 2nd person's voodoo doll at the heart area and out through the front of the 1st person's voodoo doll heart area. 

6. You have now established communication lines between the two people that the dolls are keyed to. 

7. Leave the plate and doll set up for at least 24 hours. 

Magically Facilitate Communication for a Group
If you know how to do voodoo, you can establish links of communication like this for two people or a larger group of people. They may not all like each other or agree at this point, but they will start communicating which is a good beginning for working out problems. If you want to work with a larger group of people, just key a simulacrum for each person and put them on your Plate. Leave these simulacra or voodoo dolls on the Plate for 24 hours. Then come back and arrange the voodoo dolls so that they all face the center of the Plate and use your Wand much as described above. The difference is that you will have to establish many more lines than just between two people. Start with person number one and establish lines between the voodoo doll that represents that person and each of the other voodoo dolls. Then move on to the 2nd voodoo doll on the plate and do the same thing, establishing lines between that doll and all the others. Continue until you have lines established between each of the voodoo dolls with each of the other voodoo dolls. Then leave the setup on your Plate for 5 days to two weeks. 

This establishes the lines of communication. It is not binding anyone however. A person who does not want to communicate will feel uncomfortable enough in the situation that they will simply leave. Also be sure after about 2 weeks to unkey the voodoo dolls or simulacra and that you leave the setup in a place that will be safe. For example, don't leave it set up where your cat can grab the dolls and throw them around. Once a voodoo doll or simulacrum is keyed to a person, whatever is done to it is also being done to that person. 

To learn more about how to do voodoo or simulacra magic, see the ebook. There are so many things you can do with voodoo magic including healing, protection, communication, divination and more. And with this type of magic you can perform all these techniques with people who are physically far away from your location. It's truly, well... magic!

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