Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Do You Have the Basic Tools Necessary for Effective Magic?

 Once an understanding of the 4 magic elements - Air, Water, Fire, and Earth - and how to work with them has been achieved, it is time to use them with magic tools. Each of the 4 elements has its own unique magic tool associated with it that helps you extend your reach and your own energies with magic techniques as the tool can handle more energy than our hands alone. Having the right tool for the right job makes sure any project produces optimal results whether you are talking about magic, building a bird house or baking a cake. In the case of magic using the right magic tool means using the tool for each element that is able to conduct each particular elemental energy. 

The Wand – Magic Air Tool
The magic tool that conducts the Air element is the Wand. It is only devised to handle Air energies characterized by the colors clear, white and sky blue. It should never be used with energies of any of the other 3 magic elements. There are Wands that can be purchased, but we have our students make their own Wands from a recently fallen or live tree of air oriented wood such as white pine, birch, willow, or aspen. The Wand must then be keyed to clear out junky energies, attune the tool to your own personal energies, and to align the molecules in it so that energies flow only in certain directions. Once all this is done, the Wand is ready to use for such magic operations as sending messages, building Air shields such as omnils, door shields, window curtains and half shields, and for healing techniques. 

The Athame – Magic Fire Tool
The Athame is the magic tool that conducts Fire element energies. Fire element energies are characterized by the colors Sun Yellow, Yellow Orange, Orange Red, Red, Deep Red, Deep Red-Purple, and Electric Blue. When selecting an Athame to use as a magic tool, look for a knife with a single-edged blade that is straight, not curved, made from high carbon, nickel alloy or chrome alloy steel and that has a full tang which means the steel goes all the way through the handle or mostly all the way through. It also should not be a folding knife. Hunting stores, pawnshops, and magic stores are often good places to look for your Athame. Once you have selected your Athame, it needs to be keyed to personalize it to your particular energies, line up the molecules for energy to flow from base to tip and clear out negative energies. Once you have your Athame and it is keyed, you are ready to use it for operations such as making fire omnils and other types of fire energy shields, cutting psychic lines, banishments, sending messages, and healing. 

The Chalice – Magic Water Tool
The Chalice is the magic tool used with Water element energies. Water element energies are characterized by the colors Water Blue, Deep Blue and Blue-Black. When selecting a Chalice for your Water magic tool it should be a goblet shaped cup with a stem made of one material such as glass or ceramic. Combinations of materials do not work as well. The Chalice can also be made of silver, pewter or copper, but glass is sometimes preferred so you can easily see what is inside. A Chalice made of wood is not a good selection because wood has too much of the air element in it. The Chalice, like the other tools must also be keyed before using it as a magic tool. Then you are ready to use it to do four element cleansings, throwing energetic water bolts, capturing as in simulacra magic, magic protection techniques, sending psychic messages, and healing. 

The Plate – Magic Earth Tool 
The magic tool to use with Earth element energies is the Plate. Earth energy colors include Grass Green and Earth Brown. When selecting a Plate to add to your magic toolbox, the best is one that is made of wood, ceramic or porcelain, although glass or metal will also work. It should be decorated with earth tone colors or have plant-based designs. If it does have patterns or designs on it though, make sure they are not carved deeply into the plate. The plate should be between six and ten inches in diameter so that you can easily hold it with your thumbs in the center of the plate and the rest of your fingers on the edge of the plate. It should also be a round plate and be slightly dished in the center. As with the other magic tools, the plate needs to be keyed before using. Once the plate it keyed, it is ready to use for such magic operations as shielding, cutting lines, keying Tarot cards, for use in simulacra magic and in magical healing. 

The right tool for the right job. Now that you have some idea of how magic tools work and how they are used, you can find more information about all the magic tools and directions for using them for magical procedures in our Magical Tools ebooks

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