Thursday, June 1, 2017

Plan For Abundance

How do you feel in the morning compared to the middle of your day or the end of your day? Do you wake up full of optimism in the morning, only to find yourself stressed out by lunch and exhausted by dinner?

If we stop and really assess how we feel at the beginning of our day as compared to the end of our day, it's no surprise that we get off track when it comes to our goals. Most of us know that "energy attracts." In other words, when we feel optimistic and happy we tend to attract positive experiences and people into our lives. When we feel down and out, all kinds of unhappy accidents cross our paths.

So if we feel happy and upbeat early in the day, then get dragged down as the day progresses, we're attracting abundance and positive events early in the day and accidents and negativity later on. For most of us, that averages out into a neutral score so that we stay exactly where we are in life-stuck!

What can we do to get moving and attract the abundance we really want in our lives? We can plan for it. For instance, if you know that you tend be stressed by lunchtime, plan to take some time at lunch to restore your energies. Or, if you realize that you feel tired by 3 o'clock in the afternoon, plan to take a 5 minute break to revitalize yourself and remember your aims.

Your energy boosting break doesn't have to be a big production, just a short period of time dedicated to feeling good again. The key is to plan ahead for those times when you know you tend to feel tired or stressed, and to take breaks when you plan to, whether or not you feel tired at that moment.

In certain esoteric traditions, these pre-planned "stops" in the day are called moments of "remembering ourselves." When we get wrapped up in work, expectations, fears, and stress, we tend to forget all of our aims. When we take the time to remember ourselves, we get back on track and every event takes on a new meaning and new light. The key is to stop yourself before you get too far off track. Plan to stop, and stop when you've planned it!

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